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baby you know I love Fridays

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especially when you're a workin' girl like me
spending my day teaching excel to seniors like a boss
and bringing home the bacon

cause when you spend all week
takin names & poppin (Tylenol Extra Strength) caps
eventually you've gotta make a break for it

this weekend's going to be all about relaxing
chilling with Tyrone and some friends
having some drinks & watching sports (who knew?)
and getting my groove on

but I'll still come back and blog for you, baby
because I love ya
and I know you want some 'o this

so make the best of your two days off
see a movie, wash your car, eat an entire pizza
spend some time with your friends
and someone you love

just make sure you enjoy it

happy weekend

Shaner out.


this is what I looked like when I woke up today:

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this is what I'm listening to right now:

this is what I'll be doing later:

(except without the misogyny)

Enjoy your Saturday, skids!


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