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Two things from yesterday

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This vid of my favourite Imaginary Cities song which they played with the WSO at the Scotiabank stage at the Forks last night for Canada Day which gave me shivers because it was so good:

and this photo of me in my lovely blue dress courtesy of Connor:


I'm too doped on Benylin to blog anymore so the rest will have to wait.


Last Friday was Canada's Birthday

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my lovely country turned 142 years old.

William and Kate celebrated it by coming and hanging out in Ottawa

some of the MEMETIC crew spent it on the UnBurger patio

randoms spent it dancing in the streets

some friends spent it in beer gardens

I spent it at Grand Beach

eating smokies

drinking beer and wine from a box

jumping in waves

getting sunburnt

with some of the people I love the most

and today is July 4th

when the US turns 235

and Fox News' twitter got hacked

and Obama was reported dead

(which he isn't)

which makes me wonder

who celebrates the birthday of their country by making up lies about their president?

though Fox getting hacked is

of course




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