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Saw Abstract Artform at Le Garage last night

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Which was amazing. Duh.

I had g&ts and a whiskey sour and some beers and sat at a high table with Colin, Nicole, John, Tyrone and Kat (who doesn't do the twitters) and had the pleasure of seeing Kendra and John who I haven't seen in ages.

When I got there I was going to the bathroom and this chick wearing a tank top that said
or something like that was coming out and wiping her face all weird and she was definitely fucked up and it was cray.

I kept my eye on her all night and several times she came out of the bathroom and was wiping her mouth and nose area with both hands like she had just puked or done a boatload of drugs or something.

She was still there when we left n she was getting progressively more wasted the whole time.

I hope she's ok.

Also later while I was in the bathroom this happened:


Anyway Tiffany Ponce was a great opening act (also, nice meeting you in person, finally!) and Abstract Artform killed it.

That guy is so talented it's stupid.

If you weren't there you kinda missed out. Sorry to say.

Concerts and You: Your Guide to Not Being a Jackass

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We've all gone to concerts and there's that person. The idiot who keeps yelling, over and over, over the song lyrics, instrumental pauses, and worst of all over the artist when they're speaking. There always seems to be one of there ignorant idiots at every concert, and in the hope of educating someone who might unintentionally be one of these people, here are some helpful tips for being a concertgoer:

Don't get wasted before the concert
There's nothing wrong with getting a good Concert Drunk on, I can admit to that. Before the Matt Good concert this evening we went out for dinner and drinks with friends and I had a few at the venue, but I had the good sense to keep my mouth shut because I'm not the only one trying to enjoy the concert. If having a few beers helps you enjoy the music, go for it, I totally understand. But limit yourself to an amount that won't make you an annoying ass to everyone else around you. You're not at a Canad Inns bar, when you yell unfortunately everyone can hear you. And that's what it really boils down to...

Nobody except you cares what you think
Especially not the artist performing.

That's not to say that they don't appreciate that you paid for tickets, bought their merch, etc, but for fuck's sake they're performing and earning a living playing a show for you and you can't respect them enough to keep your mouth shut? Seriously, the people performing put a lot of thought, time and effort into selecting a set list that they felt would best suit the tour, and you have the gall to shout out (over and over) that you think they should play such-and-such a song? Screw you. How about you go out, spend a bunch of time recording, touring and promoting your music and then see how it makes you feel when some drunk ignoramus won't stop shouting at you during one of your shows. Have some respect.

Don't yell over the artist
I've been to multiple shows where the artist comes out, performs a set with no interaction with the audience, and then leaves. It's nowhere as good as a set where the artist has clearly taken the time to get to know the city/town/audience they're playing for, but ultimately it's their choice to do so or not. If an artist is taking the time to engage and interact with the crowd then be respectful of what they have to say and don't try to yell over them or drown them out with your stupid opinions. Because you know what? People paid to hear the artist speak/sing, not you. So shut up.

Don't get mad at the musician if they don't want to meet you
If they don't want to meet with the audience afterwards, that's their choice. They've been touring for weeks (sometimes months), just played a live show for you, gave you their all and if they aren't feeling up to sitting around and singing merch for whatever reason it's their prerogative to do so. Maybe they don't want to get sick from shaking hands, maybe they don't have the right setup at the venue for that kind of fan interaction, or maybe they're just tired, but ultimately it's their choice.

You don't sound as cool as you think
Antagonizing and yelling at the performer while they're speaking? Really? I can't understand people that do this. I get that maybe it's that they need to feel special by getting the artist to respond to their repeated cries for attention, but that just makes you look like a needy asshole and not a respectful (adult) fan. And if your friends are supporting/high-fiving you? They're bigger dickheads than you are and I can't help you, because any good friend would tell you to stfu, get over yourself, and let other people enjoy the concert.

And ultimately...

It's not about you
Sure you paid for a ticket, but in addition to you at the venue there's the other people who paid good money to hear an artist they enjoy perform, and there's the artist (and/or their touring band) who spent time organizing the tour, picking a set list, rehearsing, and performing to you. There's so much more to a concert than your ass occupying at seat, and maybe next time you would do better to try and remember that. Your enjoyment is important, but every other person attending the concert feels the same way about their experience, so maybe start thinking about other people once and a while before shooting your mouth off.

Believe me: nobody enjoys hearing your drunken slurring voice as much as you do.

So take this to heart. I'm sure it sucks to have someone from The Internet tell you that you're being a dickhead in public (and if you were the guy who liked Whispers In The Dark tonight, or any of his obese obnoxious female entourage I mean you), but at least someone (not your bromance high-fiving friends) has the gall to tell you you're being a selfish ass in a crowd of a few hundred people.

Next time just do us all a favour and stay at home and drunkenly sing along to the same YouTube video over and over instead, because that's obviously what you would prefer from a live show anyway. Idiot.

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