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Another weekend in the bag

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dinner's almost ready and we're having a bunch of healthy stuff to try and balance all the shite we ate/drank earlier and the gym we skipped on Saturday


which happened because at the time we usually go to the gyme we were actually waking up in 'MERICUH.

Which if you had asked me more than 24hrs earlier I would have no expected, at all. But that's one of the great things about life is we don't always know what we're in for and sometimes it's bad but mostly it's awesome. At least for me, anyway.

Who would have known that upon completing my interview with fabulous local band Les Jupes and heading out to Garbonzo's for a beer tasting with some of my finest male friends that we would be planning a trip to Grand Forks to drink beer.

Yes, that's really the entire reason that we went.

We weren't even in the good 'ol US of A for 24hrs but managed to have a ridiculously good time nevertheless -we closed down JL Beers and were right back at 'er the next morning before departing back to my lovely country of origin.

I was impressed at the waitress who made fun of Adrian's accent with us, the selection of beer at Happy Harry's, the cheapness of the burgers at JL Beers, and the amount of fun that we managed to collectively jam into less than a day.

Thanks boys, I'm glad we're friends.

cc: the amazing @cenquist, @kenquist, @adriantrimble and of course the always-charming @tyronedeise. Love you all.

Saw Abstract Artform at Le Garage last night

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Which was amazing. Duh.

I had g&ts and a whiskey sour and some beers and sat at a high table with Colin, Nicole, John, Tyrone and Kat (who doesn't do the twitters) and had the pleasure of seeing Kendra and John who I haven't seen in ages.

When I got there I was going to the bathroom and this chick wearing a tank top that said
or something like that was coming out and wiping her face all weird and she was definitely fucked up and it was cray.

I kept my eye on her all night and several times she came out of the bathroom and was wiping her mouth and nose area with both hands like she had just puked or done a boatload of drugs or something.

She was still there when we left n she was getting progressively more wasted the whole time.

I hope she's ok.

Also later while I was in the bathroom this happened:


Anyway Tiffany Ponce was a great opening act (also, nice meeting you in person, finally!) and Abstract Artform killed it.

That guy is so talented it's stupid.

If you weren't there you kinda missed out. Sorry to say.

Ty went outta town this past weekend

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so I put on a maxi dress and made cray salad and took photos with this beaut.

We had a BBQ and lots of mixed boozy drinks at Owen & D's.

It didn't rain like it was supposed to so we sat in their backyard getting bit by mosquitoes.

who I can only assume were attracted to my pretty blue dress

which I later passed out in on a bed in the basement

which I assume is set up specifically for that purpose

or so our hosts can bone & watch TV at the same time.

I don't wanna know which.

Anyway I had the weirdest dreams which is unusual

not because I don't usually have weird dreams, which I do

but because usually when yr girl drinks there are no dreams

of weird horses and shoes and pinball machines

just dark, dreamless sleep

and greasy food when I wake up.

Which there was, come to think of it.

It's good to have constants in one's life, I think.

Whacking balls around

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Sometimes the best fun you can have with yr friends is good, clean fun.

Hitting up the driving range, drinking weekday beers and tearin' it up at mini golf.


which turns out to be a lot harder than it looks.


We posed on fake, crooked bridges.


Saw some questionable-looking buildings.

(and didn't steal any of the Hot Wheels in the street unlike those who came before us)


Made some new friends

including Drunk Pig, Condescending Horse


and our best friend, the Ketamine Cowboy

who says "no more, I'm done".

Technicolor fabrics

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Yo no hablo español, pero me gusta esta banda inconformista mexicana mucho y he estado escuchando a ellos sin parar últimamente.

Just kidding I don't speak Spanish. Blame Google translate for the shitty translation.

Anyway this is Technicolor Fabrics whom I love. They also sing some songs in English.

I listened to them while painting the kitchen over the past two days which not only reminded me that I can actually do stuff around the house but also demonstrated how disgusting my kitchen walls were. I've lived in my apartment for three years and they probably hadn't been painted in over a decade.

It was one of those situations where we started painting, saw the difference, and made faces like this:

Apartment problems for reals.

Besides boring apartment life tomorrow is the Winnipeg Wine Festival which btw is one of the highlights of my social calendar. Because we live stumbling distance from the Convention Center everyone comes over and has snacks and then we walk there, drink too much wine, stumble back and eat more food (natch).

Here are some photos from Wine Fests past (from 2009-2012):






Upon closer inspection it's also the one time a year I curl my hair, apparently.

But enough of my BS, it's almost the weekend!

Jam out kids, and don't do anything I wouldn't do!


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