Technicolor fabrics

Yo no hablo español, pero me gusta esta banda inconformista mexicana mucho y he estado escuchando a ellos sin parar últimamente.

Just kidding I don't speak Spanish. Blame Google translate for the shitty translation.

Anyway this is Technicolor Fabrics whom I love. They also sing some songs in English.

I listened to them while painting the kitchen over the past two days which not only reminded me that I can actually do stuff around the house but also demonstrated how disgusting my kitchen walls were. I've lived in my apartment for three years and they probably hadn't been painted in over a decade.

It was one of those situations where we started painting, saw the difference, and made faces like this:

Apartment problems for reals.

Besides boring apartment life tomorrow is the Winnipeg Wine Festival which btw is one of the highlights of my social calendar. Because we live stumbling distance from the Convention Center everyone comes over and has snacks and then we walk there, drink too much wine, stumble back and eat more food (natch).

Here are some photos from Wine Fests past (from 2009-2012):






Upon closer inspection it's also the one time a year I curl my hair, apparently.

But enough of my BS, it's almost the weekend!

Jam out kids, and don't do anything I wouldn't do!