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facebook is driving me insane

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while I may know 361 people I am certainly not friends with 361 people and have decided to do the requisite FaceBook Purge today and it's like the instant you start trying to unfriend people the site goes I SEE WHAT YOU'RE DOING THERE and begins to screw up and lag and basically not work unless you go back to your feed and do regular stuff like comment on your friends stupid pictures of cats, or whatever

I've said this before, but I'm kind of sick of FaceBook

yes I know the benefits of being on the biggest social network (that's why I'm still on it) but I find myself frustrated and annoyed with it more often than not and I don't understand why people continue to use it if it is as bad as we all perceive it to be? all my friends bitch all the time about how 'FaceBook sucks', but nobody I know has made a serious move to another platform.

I feel bad for not using G+ as much but only like three other people I know use it so it's just me and Shabooty most of the time.

I found a recipe for these online and now all I can think about is skipping Sociology and making these (I won't). Also I have been trying really hard to eat less bacon but it's hard around my social circle because we were all obsessed with bacon long before it became cool.

Will says he is going to make them when we come over and watch a Jets game sometime and now the interest I have in seeing a Jets game has gone up by 40% which is 40% more than I cared before.

though I'm sure you'd love to keep hearing me talk about food and hockey and stupid FaceBook I have to put on pants and go to class. lucky you guys.

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