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To Tyrone, on our anniversary

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D&O 0271

We've been together for four years, now, which a friend pointed out recently is longer than most of the couples she knows -married or unmarried. Which is true for me as well since I don't think I know many people who've stuck it out as long as we have.

I watch people we know come together and fall apart and yet I look at you every day and feel this growing sense of love and excitement as our lives change and continue to intertwine until, really, it's not "my life" anymore, but "our life." I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to do that, to see you and feel that way and have it only increase over time.

I realize that what you and I have together is rare and unique, and something that a lot of people will never get to experience. I feel so fortunate to be able to have that, with you.

Over the past few years I've leaned so heavily on you, as a student with basically no money and no free time, and you've never been anything but encouraging, kind, considerate, and giving beyond the scope of anything I would have ever dared ask of you. You supported me when I made the incredibly difficult decision of leaving my safe job with the province to pursue my university education, and all throughout the three years I was a student.

I like to think that I would have had the tenacity to continue to pursue my goals on my own, but I know for certain that having you in my life made it significantly easier to do so.

I wasn't just working to make my life better, but to help build a better future for both of us.

I still am.

Back in the very early days of our relationship I was struggling to make a decision: go to school out of province, or stay in Winnipeg to go to school and invest in our relationship. I remember being scared that our relationship wouldn't work out and was talking to my mum about it, and she said "you can go to school anywhere, but you won't find a man like Tyrone anywhere else" and she was right.

Honestly, there are times when you'll be working on some new project, or describing something you read that day to me, and I'll look at you and think "I get to be with him. He loves me. How the fuck did I manage that?"

I'm still figuring that one out.

(My current guess is that I have a wicked rack, but who knows.)

Honestly, it doesn't matter as long as we love each other.

I can't picture my life without you. I would never want to. It would be missing something so vital, so central to my happiness, my motivation, and, really, what makes me who I am.

I have been, and continue to be, shaped by my love for you. You have made me a better person, a happier person, a more grounded and reflective person that I ever would have been able to become on my own.

If I've had even half the positive impact on you that you've had on me, then I'm doing okay.

I could continue. I could go on at length about how much fun I have with you every day, how entertaining and hilarious our conversations are, how adorable you are when you walk around the house in bright underwear and socks pulled up high, how you manage to be so intelligent one minute and so weird and off-the-wall the next, how excited I am to be building a life with you, how being around you makes me a better person, how falling asleep and waking up next to you are the best parts of my day.

Thank you for all of that. For bringing these things into my life and making it so much better.

I love you more than words could ever express, no matter how many long-winded blog posts I write trying to articulate it.

Happy anniversary.

you can be Coupland, I'll be Murakami: An Anniversary Post

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today is my three-year anniversary with the greatest man in the world aka tyrone.

friday he took me out for a fancy dinner. we put on our coats and bought hot chocolates and walked through the chilly night air and held hands and talked and laughed and it was good. we had red wine and foie gras and pork belly and too many mussels. we walked home. we kissed. it was perfect. I can't even tell you.

this past year has been tough. our toughest yet. I fucked up. he fucked up. we made mistakes and hurt each other and said things that we both wish we could take back. it breaks my heart to think about it. but we're still here.

we're still here.


we drove across the country. we were in a music video. we rocked the winnipeg wine festival. we camped in the mountains. we drank on the river with @rhondalmartens. we brought home a new friend. we manhandled MEME and Folk Fest a week apart. we helped make an awesome mini movie with friends. we watched all the star trek movies.

but not in that order. plus lots more.

I'm looking forward to what we get up to next year.

I love you, Tyrone. thanks for putting up with my shit for another spin around the sun.

happy anniversary.


it's 1am (ish) and I'm home alone and it's weird

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tonight Tyrone is doing some VJ stuff at a Bassface show and between Halloween last weekend and my birthday/Amber & Connor's wedding next weekend I decided to "take it easy" which meant not going to the Bassface show but hanging out with Colin, Rhonda, Kevin and a few of Colin's friends and making terrible jokes all night and eating potato chips and drinking beer all evening. I was half-cut by 9:30 and I don't even know when the last time that happened, maybe when I was in my teens?

Basically the reason I didn't go to Bassface (even though Stickybuds is awesome) is because it's at the bar which (I think) used to be Dylan's on Pembina and then became an AWFUL strip club and from what I understand is now another bar where this event is being held. bottom line is that since it's not somewhere I can easily escape and go home from if I get bored/tired/hungry/lazy/etc it's nowhere I want to be going. that sounds horrible but if you ever looked at the bus route from my place to where this party is and saw the hassle it is to get there/back you'd understand.

so as a result I hung out as Colin's all night and made fun of his friend Kelvin who I referred to as Sweatpants who had awesome taste in tv and we had some sort of football (US college? no idea) on in the background and we made fun of it occasionally.

last night Tyrone took me to Segovia for dinner and here is what we had:
oysters and a glass of white wine each
the charcuterie board
seared scallops, seared leeks and mushrooms
horse with quail eggs and salmon roe
rabbit with manchengo polenta & maple serano ham
a slice of pecan pie with ice cream
a bottle of red wine
two americanos

the entire experience was amazing and I was still in a food coma until early today. we only go to Segovia (maybe) once a year and so we clearly go all out. I still can't believe I ate horse. I thought of Epona the whole time (n3rd)

it's weird how you don't notice how used to someone you are until they're not around. I keep expecting Tyrone to come in and harass me while I'm writing this and he isn't and while that's not bad per-se it's different and I miss it.

Tyrone if you read this when you get home there's leftover pizza in the oven and leftover beer/pop in the fridge. See you tomorrow morning <3

Dear Tyrone

- by admin

today is our two-year anniversary and there are some things I want to say to you:

I'm sorry about all the stupid things I do. like the time I got drunk & fell off my bike and yelled at you and accidentally locked you out of the apartment and then fell out of bed (awesome story!). for being a sore loser when we play Mario Kart and I suck. for sometimes brushing my teeth when you're in the shower (oops). for wine blackouts. for being impatient. for touching your toenails because I know you don't like it. for not always remembering to read the expiration dates. for not being a morning person. for liking really awful kitschy garbage. for wearing your fuzzy socks when my feet get cold. and for pewts.

thank you for putting up with my clicky thumbs (I'm sorry! really!). for making me coffee and breakfast every morning. for telling me that the amount of belly button lint you have in your belly button is directly proportional to how much you love me that day. for teaching me to cook. for encouraging me to n3rd out hard and play video games all day. for IKEA. for holding me when I cry. for cracking my toes. for turning me into an Apple fangirl. for buying me flowers. for making me laugh till I fall over. for being honest when I ask you if my outfit makes me look fat. for always letting me pick the music. for understanding that I DO need two closets and most of our dresser for all my clothes & shoes. for pyaws and bwehs. for PD hits. and for (you know).

I think you're an absolutely wonderful person and every day with you is amazing.

I love you.


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