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it's 1am (ish) and I'm home alone and it's weird

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tonight Tyrone is doing some VJ stuff at a Bassface show and between Halloween last weekend and my birthday/Amber & Connor's wedding next weekend I decided to "take it easy" which meant not going to the Bassface show but hanging out with Colin, Rhonda, Kevin and a few of Colin's friends and making terrible jokes all night and eating potato chips and drinking beer all evening. I was half-cut by 9:30 and I don't even know when the last time that happened, maybe when I was in my teens?

Basically the reason I didn't go to Bassface (even though Stickybuds is awesome) is because it's at the bar which (I think) used to be Dylan's on Pembina and then became an AWFUL strip club and from what I understand is now another bar where this event is being held. bottom line is that since it's not somewhere I can easily escape and go home from if I get bored/tired/hungry/lazy/etc it's nowhere I want to be going. that sounds horrible but if you ever looked at the bus route from my place to where this party is and saw the hassle it is to get there/back you'd understand.

so as a result I hung out as Colin's all night and made fun of his friend Kelvin who I referred to as Sweatpants who had awesome taste in tv and we had some sort of football (US college? no idea) on in the background and we made fun of it occasionally.

last night Tyrone took me to Segovia for dinner and here is what we had:
oysters and a glass of white wine each
the charcuterie board
seared scallops, seared leeks and mushrooms
horse with quail eggs and salmon roe
rabbit with manchengo polenta & maple serano ham
a slice of pecan pie with ice cream
a bottle of red wine
two americanos

the entire experience was amazing and I was still in a food coma until early today. we only go to Segovia (maybe) once a year and so we clearly go all out. I still can't believe I ate horse. I thought of Epona the whole time (n3rd)

it's weird how you don't notice how used to someone you are until they're not around. I keep expecting Tyrone to come in and harass me while I'm writing this and he isn't and while that's not bad per-se it's different and I miss it.

Tyrone if you read this when you get home there's leftover pizza in the oven and leftover beer/pop in the fridge. See you tomorrow morning <3

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