Welcome to my office

it's gloomy outside but I'm all sunshine in here. got a coffee with my boss first thing this morning and worked on some hand-outs listening to This American Life all morning. love that show, Ira Glass is one of my heroes.

had a session today where I helped the sweetest lady look up the tiny town in Italy that she grew up in. she hadn't been back to visit in over 45 years and started to cry when we found her elementary school because she was so happy to see it. it's reasons like that why I love The Internet.

last night Tyrone and I had a home-made pizza party.

we got most of the ingredients from this fantastic locally-owned Italian store called La Grotta del Fromaggio on Sargent Ave and witnessed the sassy Italian cashier (possible owner?) argue with three of the other older men working there because the computer connected to the register wasn't working. we wound up being there ten extra minutes because they were sassing each other, but it was so worth it. I love locally-owned businesses specifically for that reason, you see the authentic side of people and it's such a better experience as a result.

plus I got a massive hunk of prosciutto for only 9$ :)

busy day today. have another training session in ten minutes and a jam-packed afternoon followed by class this eve. this is my jam today:

love this video, love Dan Mangan, love you. xo