yesterday wasn't nicole's birthday

even though for some reason I thought it was now I'm even more charmed that she had us fools and a few cool people over to her place last night to drink beer and make and eat perogies together

before that started though yr hero managed to send cracker flying after I tried to spread cheese on a cracker that clearly wasn't meant for spreading. whoops. I also dropped bruschetta all over myself but I wasn't the only one.

eventually everyone started making perogies but I didn't because I learned my lesson from the cracker incident earlier and just hung back and chatted with some ladies including the lovely vanessa instead.

later on in the eve I had a lager that didn't agree with my tummy (it might have also been the copious amounts of food we ate. maybe). and got the tireds, so we left.

and snuggled together all the way home.

big thanks to our lovely friend for having us <3