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Where does the time go?

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Is it just me or is this week flying by?

Spent all of yesterday hanging at Vine Multimedia HQ and was unbelievably busy. I took the photos to create this gif in-between eating my salad and writing some blog content but didn't even have the time to post it.


After work I spent the evening at Kat's and she whipped up her take Bún Thịt Nướng and it was delicious. Having some midweek lady-hangs was really nice as well!


I've been on a crazy Rebecca and Fiona kick lately, especially since we've gotten our new car. This track is so good for zipping around to, I'm not ashamed to say Tyrone and I have definitely had car dance parties listening to it.

Today I'm attempting to get some studying done with basically no luck. It's impossible when you have a super-cute kitten looking for your attention. Cat lady problems!

Happy Humpday!

The Vine Team vs. Habitat for Humanity Amazing Foot Rally

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This morning some of the coolest kids you know (three of which work for the coolest company around and one of which is a kickass #CreComm student) got up early and participated in the Habitat for Humanity Amazing Foot Rally.

It was an amazing time, thanks to all of the volunteers and organizers who organized such a fun and unique event!





(Our birdhouse had suicide doors)

Images and Vine via @MoskalElectric, @JackieDoming and yours truly.

dear vine multimedia

- by admin

this is hard for me to write.

it's hard because it's virtually impossible to explain why you like or admire something or someone in a blog without sounding like you're kissing their ass. and I don't wanna kiss yr ass.

I want to work for you.

I've spent a few scrapped blog posts figuring about how I was going to write about what I like about you in a way that my audience will still like to read. because this post, while directed at you, is still public. it's on my blog. my audience will read it.

that's a big deal to me. I don't blog about just anyone.

but then I realized that's why I would be a good fit for vine: because while I'm willing to work hard and dedicate myself to what I want, I'm not going to sell out or tell people (even you) what you want to hear if it isn't true. that's just not how I roll.

so here's what I think, vine. about you & me, and how I can help you shine.

you guys seem down to earth and confident in what you do. it's obvious after a quick look around your site. I imagine it's similar to how a discussion with one of your employees would be: chilled-out, unpretentious, and smart. nobody who had reservations about their quality of their work or of their ability to deliver would say 'don't be a jackass' to potential clients.

mostly though, I like that you're out do to good. and not in the google 'don't be evil' creepy way, but genuinely be good in so far as you're trying to give back to your community and the world at large. the concept of a social business is fascinating and forward-thinking. I like that. I want to be a part of it.

(let me take over your twitter feed. I'll make it one of the coolest in winnipeg. promise.)

you already know who I am. you're on my blog. you've probably checked out my twitter feed. you know I manage the social media for the manitoba electronic music exhibition and I'm good at using the Internet to suit my needs. I know how to find & share information. I'm a damn good writer. I'm creative and outgoing and full of baklava (pictured). I can bring the skills I've learned both through hard work and study and apply it to suit the needs of vine clients.

some of my twitter followers have nicknamed me the 'queen of the Internet'.

I want the opportunity to show you why.


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