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Watching Flight

- by admin

with the cats and blankets and tea and advil because I can't sleep, haven't slept, since the night before last because even though decongestants help me breathe they don't stop the sting behind my eyes

and nothing is worse than trying to sleep with sore eyes.

I don't recommend it.

Anyway since I can't sleep and I'm not going to watch any of Dr. Who without Tyrone I figured I'd write a little message to you lovely people

who still come around n read this nonsense all the time even though I don't update as often as I should

to say that, so far, Flight has been a terrific movie.

I figured it'd be good since there was a bunch of full-frontal lady nudity in the very first scene and also Denzel is in it and I love him

but it's been really intense so far and I only got to the part where the airplane just crashed.

Which was terrifying and awful and stressful to watch even though I know that flying is actually the safest way to travel and shit like that rarely goes down

but it's terrifying nonetheless and makes me realize that pilots actually have balls of steel and are a million more times hardcore than I could ever be.

Not astronaut hardcore, but pretty effing close.

one of those days

- by admin

okay it wasn't that bad.

Tyrone is sick and I am, too. Spent most of the night tossing and turning on the couch half-listening to episodes of TNG and sniffling. I find being sick isn't that bad except for when you can't sleep, which only happens at night and only during nights when you have stuff to do the next day (of course).

needless to say today was a write off of sweaty bed-sleeping and matted hair and kitty cuddles.

Eventually I had to clean myself up and showered and went to the corner store to get stuff for dinner. I always feel like a rock star going into our grubby corner store because everyone else in the neighbourhood goes there in their yoga pants and fuggs and unwashed hair and I'm too vain/neurotic to leave the house unless I look decent.

What I'm leading up to here is that some cute random hipster guy hit on me while I was in the checkout line buying meat and veg and whatnot. He said something really uncool like "I'd let a pretty girl like you make me stew anytime".

Needless to say it made my day because nothing is better than feeling pretty when your head feels like exploding.

Also the stew I made was amazing. Protip: use 1/3 cup of balsamic vinegar and it will make yr beef stew ah-ma-zing.

k back to tea and the couch and DS9.

I can't write poetry

- by admin

if I could though I'd write one about Ford

cause as I slept on the couch today

sick, stuffed-up and generally feeling awful

little guy came and cuddled with me

all day

and didn't even get mad

when I coughed in his face by accident.

what a guy.

almost nap time

- by admin

which will be my third one today because I'm sick. still. I'm kind of cranky mostly because I can never get sick like a regular person and be like "omg I'm bedridden for two days" sick or even get the flu properly. I just get sinus headaches and migraines which means I'm lying on the couch waiting to get better while my mind jumps to a million different places. like today.

to make matters worse when I woke up this morning I realized that there was nothing to eat in the apartment because it had been to cold to go grocery shopping on the weekend. which meant that I had to bundle up and pop a bunch of tylenol and go to the corner store. which isn't really as bad as it sounds but when yr sick everything is a million times worse.

for instance right now I'm drinking green tea and watching SOTC under a blanket but all I can think of is

fuck I wish I wasn't feeling like ass right now

instead of

wow I'm kinda lucky I'm sick because I don't have to go out in -40 weather while everyone else does

because I'm an idiot. a sick, stuffy idiot who is going to go back to sleep.

home sick watching eat pray love

- by admin

don't ask why. I don't know why. I just have a throbbing headache and pressure behind my eyes and a scratch in my throat and Ileft work because I was useless there and came home and decided

I want to watch a clichéd movie with julia roberts in it and sip tea in my yoga pants

even though I don't really like julia roberts.

she's pretty but she's got a bit wide mouth and large teeth and she reminds me of a slightly calmer less neurotic jennifer aniston, who I can't stand. but she always seems to be in movies that I like such as erin brockovich, ocean's eleven, charlie wilson's war, pretty woman, and stepmom (yes). she looks smokin' for 45 though so I'll give her that.

it's an okay movie so far thought I guess, better than some of the other feel-good chick flicks out there though that might just be because it takes place in some exotic locations and the cinematography and close-up shots of food are pretty nice to look at.

she just turned down skinny dipping with a really hot australian with a six-pack in the ocean and while I guess that's supposed to show that she's growing up and 'discovering herself' that was a pretty dumb move if you ask me. though I guess she'll be making out with javier bardem soon enough.

oh he just crashed her pad and brought her some 'hangover cure' stuff which means he's definitely getting some julia roberts action later. nothing says "I'm a keeper" like hangover food, for example once early on in our relationship I got stupidly drunk at a show and the next morning tyrone went out into the cold winter to bring me greasy a&w breakfast food and orange juice which solidified what a gentleman he is in my mind.

so javier bardem is basically doing a bali-type version of that I guess.

now they're talking about durians and javier bardem is all "don't eat those they taste like dirty feet" which apparently is completely accurate. I see them all the time when we go to the asian grocery and I always pick them up and think "today is the day I eat the stinky fruit" but honestly I'm scared.

this is what wikipedia has to say about durian stink:

The edible flesh emits a distinctive odour that is strong and penetrating even when the husk is intact. Some people regard the durian as pleasantly fragrant; others find the aroma overpowering and revolting. The smell evokes reactions from deep appreciation to intense disgust, and has been described variously as almonds, rotten onions, turpentine, raw sewage, and gym socks. The odour has led to the fruit's banishment from certain hotels and public transportation in southeast Asia.

so far that has been the only time I've felt like I 'connect' with the movie, because saying "I want to spend a year travelling in XYZ countries and have it comped by my work" is just stating the obvious. otherwise it's a lot of self-indulgence that is nice to think about and imagine but feels kind of far away, which is maybe why people like the book/movie so much. it's fun to imagine.

except now the movie is over and she and javier bardem sailed off into the sunset which just

ruined it all.

whatever mild enjoyment or entertainment I may have been getting has been ruined by the fact that julia roberts just travelled all across the world and did all of this 'self-discovery' only to have a freak-out fight on a beach and then make up and sail off into the sunset. how clichéd. for real.

it's spoiled my mild enjoyment of the film so much that for a second I considered scrapping this post and denying that I even watched it in the first place.

but then I couldn't tell you how it's mediocre and best and tries too hard to be one of those movies you watch with red wine with your best girlfriends after a breakup to make yourself feel better.

though it's drastically better than 'he's just not that into you', so I guess that's a plus.

too much happened today, and nothing really at all

- by admin

had weird dreams which isn't unusual. if I told you guys half the weird shit I dream about every night you'd think I was crazy and be jealous that you don't get to have the same nighttime adventures I do.

it's why I love naps. you always get the weirdest dreams when you sleep during the day.

whenever I'm sick like I am today I curl up in bed with my ipad and fall asleep to futurama or something like it and wake up still convinced that I'm somewhere else. except today my dreams were weird and I had to wake up before they were over and as I rolled out of bed I wasn't even sure I was awake, my head was so stuffed up.

it's one of the only good things about being sick, especially when you're sick and have to drag your sorry sick ass to class because you have to do a presentation and then this chick that you hate who constantly challenges everything everyone says feels the need to keep you up there defending your presentation for ten minutes when you just want to fall over.

I'm not saying all feminists are like this, but why is it all the ornery, nitpicky bitches in any class I've ever taken always self-identify as "feminists"?

seriously. all yr girl wanted to do was go back to my desk and keep my head down while she harassed every other presenter today about how they were wrong. then the class started talking about 'blogs as a medium' and people started talking about jenna marbles and I nearly lost it.

it was just one of those days.

the only solution was to grab a sammich and lie on the couch with The President and watch battlestar gallactica which I'm watching for the first time (shh I know) and it's so intense omg.

I was still feeling like junk later when tyrone came home and started making me soup and kat came by on a wave of rainbows and cuteness with half a homemade pumpkin pie which was perfect and delicious and so sweet and we watched joe kill it during the debate which made everything better.

now I'm on one end of the couch writing this and drinking the best coffee and tyrone is feeding me pieces of the cake that we're sharing as we watch more BSG and Ford is here purring and everything is great.

funny how a bunch of small things can make yr day go to shit

and how some other small things can make it better

it's almost the weekend and I'm excited.

where have I been

- by admin

where has the weekend gone?

saturday spent lying in a living room as dark as I could get it popping leftover T3's from my surgery because the Migraine From Hell that I developed in the early afternoon made me feel like I was going to die. spent all day nearly getting sick from the pain & unable to really move, sipping on flat 7Up to try and calm my stomach and with a cold cloth on my forehead/neck. tried to sleep most of the day away and spent all night drifting in and out of sleep whole playing Netflix on my iPad because the silence was driving me crazy.

I had weird dreams about Apollo 13 and Tom Hanks that I can't really remember.

that made-for-tv movie for Dead Like Me wasn't any better than I thought it would be.

Sunday stumbled into the living room stuffed up and cranky, eating a slice of old pizza and glued to the couch with Tyrone.

we watched all of season one of The Walking Dead which is, wow, amazing and also embarrassing that I hadn't seen it before.

I also made him watch some X Files (thanks again Netflix!) and we had dinner at my parents where I drank a few gross Budweiser because it was either that or Lucky Lager which makes me nauseous just thinking about it

was passed out on the couch by 11pm and woke up at 10am.

I am officially a sickly, exhausted old lady.

I woke up today and the first thing I thought was 'I haven't been on The Internet in two days' and it freaked me out so I began writing this right away still unfed still unshowered in a camisole that doesn't match my panama pants and sniffling and coughing with Tyrone playing Super Paper Mario in the other room.

I feel like a freak when I am sick and this doesn't want to end.

I didn't eat a single thing all Saturday and yesterday I had a slice of leftover pizza and some roast beef and roasted potatoes and two Yorkshire puddings and two beers from my dad and thinking about that makes me want to get dressed and inhale a giant plate of poutine from Papa George's in the Village or for some reason have a hot dog from a vendor and I don't know what those two have to do with one another but I think I will be harassing Tyrone into going out for dinner today because there is no way I am making anything so there.

speaking of food Tyrone wants to discuss making me breakfast and what I want to that is more important than writing this nonsense right now.


today I am home sick.

- by admin

some crazy stuff happened this weekend that meant instead of resting up I was awake until nearly 4am Saturday night and stressed out all yesterday which I guess compounded onto not feeling great last week left me in this state. awful.

so here I am hopped-up on Buckley's and waiting for Tyrone to get home and make me soup. I'm not sure which movie I will make him watch with me just yet but I think it might be this one:

if you look up the names of the actors in it and say them out loud it's like you're a record playing backwards or throwing up in your mouth, kind of. Icelandic is weird.

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