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almost nap time

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which will be my third one today because I'm sick. still. I'm kind of cranky mostly because I can never get sick like a regular person and be like "omg I'm bedridden for two days" sick or even get the flu properly. I just get sinus headaches and migraines which means I'm lying on the couch waiting to get better while my mind jumps to a million different places. like today.

to make matters worse when I woke up this morning I realized that there was nothing to eat in the apartment because it had been to cold to go grocery shopping on the weekend. which meant that I had to bundle up and pop a bunch of tylenol and go to the corner store. which isn't really as bad as it sounds but when yr sick everything is a million times worse.

for instance right now I'm drinking green tea and watching SOTC under a blanket but all I can think of is

fuck I wish I wasn't feeling like ass right now

instead of

wow I'm kinda lucky I'm sick because I don't have to go out in -40 weather while everyone else does

because I'm an idiot. a sick, stuffy idiot who is going to go back to sleep.

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