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You are the light

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My floor did the 'ol Office Shuffle a few weeks back and as a result I wound up sitting at a different desk than the one I used to.

Usually I don't care about where I sit as long as I have a place to charge my iPhone while I stream music all day but since I've moved I've noticed a marked difference in my energy level and how alert I feel that doesn't seem to level out no matter how many cups of coffee I pound back.

As a result I wind up going on walks around the office to wake myself up a bit and after strolling past my old desk I think I've realized what I'm missing: my old lamp.

Okay it wasn't mine which is why I didn't bring it with me but my new desk sits directly under a string of horrible fluorescent lights and gets almost no direct sunlight, unlike my old 9-5 home and now it's got me thinking about all the stuff Richard Kelly said about ambient luminesce.

Architectural lighting has always been interest of mine, especially modern buildings and use of light in public spaces.

Some I really like are the Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto:

Cathedral Square in Peterborough:
Montreal's Quartier de Spectacles

which admittedly I have been to -I went to Club Soda when I went to MUTEK last summer- but I was there moreso for the music and less for the art, so I want to go back when not in full-on party mode.

Oh, and I love basically anything designed by Le Corbusier. The guy was a genius and designed some of my favourite buildings ever which I'd share here but this post is picture-heavy enough as-is.

For additional learnin' you can watch this great TED Talk about light/dark by Rogier van der Heide:

Now if you'll excuse me I have a lamp to go steal back.

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