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George Carlin always knows just what to say

- by admin

to express exactly how I feel

because, yeah, fuck lance armstrong

I'm sick of hearing about him.


I really admired george. still do, even though he's gone

that guy made a living trolling the world, and was good at it.

which is a rare thing, let me tell you.

as a recovering troll (it's true)

nothing gets under my skin more than internet trolls

because they're never arguing valid, well-articulated points

unlike a good real-life troll. that's a skill.

as @Gramiq put it:

which is why george carlin was such a genius.

we don't have Black Friday up here in Canada

- by admin

not that I'd go if we did

I don't believe in camping and fighting and lining up

just to get a good deal on something I probably don't need anyway

(the only exception to this is my iPhone, but I needed that ;) )

so instead I spent my Friday working and hanging out with my friends

instead of shopping

because I don't need more stuff

and you know what one of the greatest thinkers of our time had to say about that


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