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New girl crush: Lana Del Ray

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look at her, seriously

also first five second of this video reminds me of LOTR for some reason?

I've been up since 7am today and I have done nothing. I'm in my pyjamas and fuzzy socks, drinking a coffee Tyrone brought home for me because we're out of eggs and he went to get breakfast for us. I've puttered around on The Internet and read some blogs and some news and my fingers are freezing which reminds me:

last night as I was curled right up against Tyrone to try and steal as much of his body heat in our ice-cold bed I realized that I've been crabby lately because I've been freezing, which I know I've mentioned before but I finally realized that this is the single reason I'm running around acting like this:

(Google image search 'Gordon Ramsay yelling' for some lulz and a lot of his scary face)

okay it's nearly 11am time to toss on some clothes and go for a crazy-lady run and then come home and attempt to get some schoolwork done because I have about a million things on my plate right now and like a woman school should always first. that was lame. (not) sorry.

happy Friday ya hosers!

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