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waiting for my lunch at Stella's

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and the girl at the next table is talking (loudly) to her friend and is talking about how her boyfriend -who she lives with- asked her to cut back on the barhopping because he can't keep covering her for rent and she turned around and said "I don't see why I have to give up my partying just so he can get his stupid degree".

in the fifteen minutes I've been here (food just arrived) she's bitched about her boyfriend, a coworker, a coworkers husband, a 'friend', her boyfriend and their house and their tv and it's like this big nonstop slew of negativity and it's so toxic.

Tyrone, I love you, thanks for not being a big barstar and paying the rent on time.

he is also home sick today, which I would gladly trade for sitting near this girl.

apparently she is going to break up with her boyfriend and 'find someone better'.


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