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There's something to be said for how someone treats strangers

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take two weeks ago for example when I applied for a job and got the rudest, most condescending woman ever on the phone who made me feel bad for having a class that interfered with when she wanted to schedule my interview.

I scheduled one, but it was over a week from then (yesterday) and she made it pretty clear that because I wasn't going to take the time from my class schedule to go down there that one of the "many other applicants" would be more than happy to take the job.

needless to say I didn't go.

this shouldn't be a big deal. lots of people skip interviews for lots of reasons and I've also been on the interviewing side and though it's a hassle you just shrug your shoulders think "too bad" and move on with your life.

not this woman.

she felt it was necessary to send me this:

You appear to have missed your scheduled 8 am interview. It would have been appreciated if you had informed of us if you had decided not to come. We could have slotted another candidate that was actually interested in coming, and not wasted our time.

so not only did she feel it was okay to be rude to me over the phone, but she also thought it was necessary to send me an email chewing me out for not showing up for an interview for a job that she basically told me I wasn't going to get.

needless to say I sent her a very polite email explaining that I didn't show up because she was a bitch (not actual language used) and BCC'd the customer service department while I was at it. which I will post here if you kids should so desire.

it blows me away that people like this exist. honestly. I don't even know what to say.

I'm just going to end this post with a picture of cute puppies.


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