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Happy 2nd Birthday Secret Handshake!

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my favourite monthly meetup of awesome Winnipeg types turned two last night and we were out in full force to celebrate at The King's Head

there were tons of name tags and raffle presents and snacks (not pictured)

and the lovely Leanne made a lovely speech and we all heckled her

and I got dragged onstage to help her pick some raffle winners, of which I wasn't one but congrats to the fine tweeps who walked away with some awesome Parlour Coffee swhwag (I'm so jealous)

of course the obligatory Secret Handshake Ladies' Trifecta of Awesome bathroom shot featuring myself, Leanne and the short-n-lovely Stef

though when Leanne brought out some tube socks from her purse I knew things were getting weird and it was time to get some Smoke's Poutine and go home


T-minus four hours

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till the 2012 version of this drunken photo happens at the King's Head for Secret Handshake

awww yeah



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is where I've been all night

if you didn't know #secrethandshake is a monthly meeting of Winnipeg creative-types that I occasionally attend, though this time was mandatory because Leanne who hosts the bash and Stef needed me to be there to partake in the awesome.

honestly, it was great. besides the free build your own poutine station (with delicious vegan 'cheese') and lovely company I was told by a plethora of people that I'm "kind of a big deal" and I'm "big on The Internet", which is always nice.

in particular meeting Jay who was delighted to meet me IRL since apparently everyone on his twitter feed RT's me was a positive moment.

but enough about how good I am at The Internet, let's see some (tipsy) bathroom photos of The Ladies:

lovely ladies Leanne and Stef themselves

do the creep

wow. time for bed.

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