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the new Old Spice commercials may not make much sense

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but that's because they're directed by the amazing Tim and Eric, who are gods of wtf-ery. if you're at all familiar with such uncomfortable, brilliant Adult Swim shows such as Tom Goes to The Mayor, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and Check It Out! With Dr. Steve Brule (played by John C. Reilly who is amazing)

to be frank, I don't have cable and for the most part I'm totally okay with that because most television shows are just cesspools of idiocy and generally the commercials aren't much better, but I have to say that this would get my attention if I was waiting for my episode of The Daily Show to resume.

and I have to say, I wasn't sure if Old Spice would be able to follow up the Old Spice Guy commercials with anything I would even remorely appreciate, and while nothing is quote as wondergul as an oyster with two tickets to that thing I love, these are pretty top-notch.

so rats off to ya, Old Spice, for recruiting one of the most original, funny and unique entertainers out there that have a huge repor with a younger, savvy audience. I mean, truth be told, I became much more intreigued in the commercials after finding out who directed them, and you know that it's prominently displayed on the YouTube page because Old Spice knows that Tim and Eric are the selling features of the commercials, even though they aren't in them.

that being said, I'm looking forward to seeing if Old Spice can continue to keep up this trend of impressive commercials.

it almost makes me want to buy their product. almost.


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