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Here's some holiday video for you

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I actually recorded this yesterday evening but thanks to the slow, slow magic of YouTube you don't get to experience it until today at 5am when I am randomly awake? Christmas miracle, yea/nay?

Happy holidays folks!

Come with me on a journey through time and space...

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to last Wednesday.

usually I wouldn't go blogging something from last week but I was seriously distraught when my phone decided to just freeze on me and cause all the video I'd been diligently taking all day disappear. seriously it's a lot of work trying to make videos about what is otherwise a pretty boring day going from class to class and hey maybe it's not all that interesting after all but the videos somehow showed up on my phone again (THANK YOU APPLE GODS) so here we go:

in case you forgot the reason I decided to vlog all day in the first place was because I was in a crabby mood and needed to convey it with my monotone voice and shifty eyes
(also, my stupid faces in the stills for the videos -wow)

I'm also not sure why I'm so flushed in this video?

some backstory: my History of Winnipeg class was supposed to go on a General Strike Tour which meant shuttling everyone around via carpooling and this chick from my class Eva (hi Eva!) and I were getting a ride with this dude (John?) from our class and he was making jokes about having a 'rapist van' the week prior when we'd arranged for him to pick us up from campus, so
(also I don't like riding in strange vehicles with people I don't know, classmate or not I'm just a jerk like that)

coincidentally after class she and I went to go get our rides back to campus and he had left without us (thanks guy), but luckily another very nice classmate was kind enough to give us a lift back (thanks guy!).

I was going to make some commentary to go with the rest of these but I've had a bowl of Vietnamese curry soup sitting next to me for five minutes while I work on this post and frankly I'm hungry, so enjoy:

(not sure why I lost the first half of my sentence, sry, it's vlogging-on-the-go)

maybe one day I'll edit them all together so they're a super-cute movie day collage-thing, or maybe (probably not).

I need moar weekend.

Alyson vs Pom Wonderful

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The insanity that is MEME begins tonight! I'll be at Whiskey Dix all night tweeting the event, come down and say hello, and buy me a drink while you're at it ;)


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