October 2011

This is Halloween, this is Halloween

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unfortunately I'm looking at a 12hr day between work and class this evening so I won't get to enjoy any IRL Halloween spirit, so I'm turn to The Internet to soothe my spooky woes.

I'm not sure what's happening here...

sad that I missed a great costume opportunity


I think I love this?


there's also a whackload more Halloween-themed stuff and other awesome on my Tumblr.

I'm still recuperating from Saturday. I went as Amy Winehouse and Tyrone went out as Kurt Cobain and together we were The 27 Club (or Forever 27, depending on who you ask).

People came over, snacks and drinks were had, and I didn't take a single picture because I was too busy hostessing. Boo. Shawna did though and once those surface I'll do a big photodump here & share our Halloween shenanigans.

Until then this is all the evidence you get:

I should get a tit tattoo.

I have a face made for the radio

- by admin

but not the voice to match.

I don't enunciate enough, sometimes I talk too loudly, the only impression I can do is a Kennedy Accent and I can't even do that very well.

I'm from the middle of the prairies so I my voice is boring, lifeless and without dramatic quality.

unless I'm yelling at you.

reading aloud is the worst. I could be reading Shakespeare or F. Scott Fitzgerald or The Declaration of Independence and it would still put you to sleep.

but if you skip to 1:56 in this video you can hear Sir Ian McKellen reading some really boring stuff in a really interesting way. way better than I ever could.

which is just one more thing that he can do better than I can.


Hey Alyson, how come you haven't blogged today?

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Happy Halloween (weekend)!

play it cool

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some Simpsons advice for you kids this Halloween weekend

knock 'em dead!


parents called me and said

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I had to go through Grandma's apartment
and see if there was anything I wanted.
anything I 'wanted'?

I struggled with this.

I think about her as the wrinkles in her face
the wave of her perm
her long nails
the way she held a tissue.

I want to remember those things.

that's what I want.

she isn't even dead
moved away
and I'll never see her again.

it kills me.

it destroys me.

I've trying to deal
I have to
what's done is done.

we went
and I saw a recipe box
printed in her neat writing
at the top of a recipe she'd written
'this would make a good meatloaf!'

it's funny
the sort of thing
that makes you break down

and cry.

I miss her so much
it's like a black hole in my heart
eating me from the inside out
I feel empty.

I miss her.

I'm so out of touch with kids these days

- by admin

like for example

when did little kids start wanting to dress up as electronic music producers who dress up with big mouse heads?

when did they start listening to drum n bass?

and more importantly... why is an awful remix of Ghosts 'n Stuff being played at a children's Halloween dance?

I don't even know what's happening anymore.


Let's get serious for a moment

- by admin

I have a bone to pick with the University of Winnipeg.

Before I go any further let me preface: I like my university. I love the downtown campus. I appreciate the availability of coffee, the various types of spaces available to study and socialize, and the overall positive vibe I get while lugging my stuff from classroom to classroom. It's great that we have the new science building and the dorms (though I don't use them) and although apparently it's going to cost me an additional sixty dollars a year in tuition, it's cool that they're going to be building a new state-of-the-art wellness complex. I get that.

So why the Hell is it that with all this expansion and renovations happening on campus, all my tuition being funneled into these new projects I can't connect to the goddamn wifi?!

At first I thought it was just me. I being my iPad to campus and that's generally how I (try to) connect to the wifi. Last year it was choppy and dropped frequently at the best of times, but this year it has become unbearable. Unless I'm on campus after 7pm there is no signal. And that's between the UW Students wifi (which I have a password for), and the UW Visitors and the UW Conference, which are apparently unsecured networks but I can't seem to connect to.

What I usually wind up doing (and am currently doing) is connecting to a Personal Hotspot from my iPhone, which is ridiculous considering that tethering takes away from my data plan while there's a wifi signal all around me that is so weak that I can't even connect to it.

Ever single student I have asked about this issue either has zero connectivity on campus, or has a signal that is so weak that they can barely use the Internet while on campus. Let me repeat: Every. Single. Student. And as someone who has a full course load and has engaged with most of the students in all of my classes on this issue, that's a lot of frustrated students.

So why hasn't this been remedied?

I mean, the tuition that we students pay every year is one of the lifelines that keeps the university going. We students are the reason (in theory) that this institution exists in the first place. And yet we can't get a simple service like reliable wifi? It's a joke.

Last week the University of Winnipeg Student's Association had the student body vote to pay an extra 60$ annually to go towards the new Bill Wedlake Fitness Centre, which we happily obliged. How much would it cost annually, per student, to provide a better wifi signal? It baffles me that something like wifi that every student uses every day largely ignored, while we're asked to shell out for a new fitness centre that maybe half of the student body will even use while they attend this institution.

Of course, Lloyd Axworthy can't brag about the reliability of his wifi connection to possible investors. He needs physical things like a new science building and a new fitness centre to draw investment attention to the university. Running a university is a business, after all, and as long as the employees -or in this, case, students- sit by and let their needs be ignored, nothing will change.

Jabez showed me this today

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I spent my whole day writing papers & being in class

and when I came home, this is what awaited me

I'm not sure what's going on

but it's so, so awful awesome.

this is what friends are for


waiting for my lunch at Stella's

- by admin

and the girl at the next table is talking (loudly) to her friend and is talking about how her boyfriend -who she lives with- asked her to cut back on the barhopping because he can't keep covering her for rent and she turned around and said "I don't see why I have to give up my partying just so he can get his stupid degree".

in the fifteen minutes I've been here (food just arrived) she's bitched about her boyfriend, a coworker, a coworkers husband, a 'friend', her boyfriend and their house and their tv and it's like this big nonstop slew of negativity and it's so toxic.

Tyrone, I love you, thanks for not being a big barstar and paying the rent on time.

he is also home sick today, which I would gladly trade for sitting near this girl.

apparently she is going to break up with her boyfriend and 'find someone better'.


Hip Hop Sunday #20 - Tupac- Changes

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One of the best.

Happy Hip Hop Sunday, xo

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