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Hip Hop Sunday: NWA - Express Yourself

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This is what I'll be listening to this afternoon while I bottle my first batch of home-brewed beer which is pretty cool.

Wound up getting up early for some reason and used the time to write my review for The Spill Magazine, schedule some Facebook posts for a client, and make a crazy breakfast based on my favourite (kale-based) dish at The Tallest Poppy.

The extra hour is doing me good.

Happy (Daylight Savings-Inspired) Hip Hop Sunday!


yr girl Shaner

Hip Hop Sunday: Kanye West - Family Business

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Woke up early for no real reason and spent the morning on the couch drinking tea and working my way through the first season of American Horror Story - it's my first time watching through (I know) and I'm hooked.

Obviously this turned into having a late brunch and now I have to squeeze a run, tidying up & getting ready into the few hours before meeting up with my whole fam for Thanksgiving dinner.

Slow clap for this one.

Tonight is the first time that John will be meeting my whole family and I'll admit that I was a bit concerned (we Shanes are an unpredictable bunch) and then my mum sent me something super sweet:


Which just made my day.

Happy (Thanksgiving long weekend!) Hip Hop Sunday!


yr girl Shaner


Hip Hop Sunday: 2Live Crew - Pop That Coochie

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Usually I try to keep things relatively PG here on Hip Hop Sunday, but then I received this magnificent tweet from Colin Koop which reminded me that I have responsibilities to attend to.


This is the first time in over a month that I've been able to actually sit down in front of my iMac and hammer away at this 'ol blog like I so love to do.

It's been a whirlwind few weeks as I think I've articulated pretty well here and this weekend marks the last time that (for a while anyway) we had to run out and get new furniture or replace something or move something from one place to another.

Well, today marks the first time, honestly.

After running around and setting up the shared House Creative Space and hosting friends for drinks and games last night, this morning we actually slept in and woke up with nowhere to be.

I'd forgotten what that was like.

I spent the day lounging around, puttering around here and there. Mike, Alicia, baby Rose and their dog Ginger stopped by for a lovely afternoon visit and I ate too many pasta leftovers from yesterday.

Everything feels like it's the way that it's supposed to be.

Hope your Sunday has been half as good as mine.


yr girl Shaner



Hip Hop Sunday: The Lytics - Stay Calm

- by admin

Last night we went out to Nuit Blanche with Adrian and Amber and it was a glorious time and after we dropped Adrian off at home we came back here

to the House At Bear Corner (Five Doors Down)

and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning listening to music and hanging out and spending some much-needed downtime together after a whirlwind couple of weeks.

We slept in till 2pm and rolled around in the down-filled duvet and talked about silly things and laughed.

Oh god, do we ever laugh together.

When we finally peeled ourselves out of bed it was to order some sushi via the ever-useful SkiptheDishes.com which we inhaled the moment it arrived.

John is at a meeting with some other campers at the moment and when he gets back we will make tea, play Xbox, and probably eat croissants later.

The sun is coming out a little and the house smells like the rain we had last night. I'm sitting on the couch with my feet up and a little snoring kitty next to me and everything is perfect.

Hope your day is perfect, too.


yr girl Shaner


Hip Hop Sunday: Joey Stylez Feat. Big Sav - Sugar Cane

- by admin

I smell like sweat and the musky scent of the storage area under John's stairs

from rearranging furniture and sorting and throwing things out

making room for my things

I'm exhausted but elated.

Hope you're one of those things, too

(ideally the latter)

Happy Hip Hop Sunday!


yr girl Shaner


Hip Hop Sunday: The Lytics - Ring My Alarm

- by admin

Finally around on a Sunday to take care of this 'ol blog tradition.

Today's feature are the Winnipeg-based, super talented, The Lytics

who yr girl had the pleasure of seeing last Saturday night at Rainbow Trout

who put on a stellar performance

despite some ongoing technical difficulties

and were super nice about it

of course

and wished everyone a great weekend when their set was done

just like I'm wishing to you:

hope you had a great weekend!


yr girl Shaner


Hip Hop Sunday: Cadence Weapon - Baby I'm Yours (ft Shad)

- by admin

Almost didn't make it to posting today (again) because of family in town and all the obligations that come with it

which isn't a bad thing, but it'll be nice to get back to normal

at least for the next few days until I leave town for Rainbow Trout

where I'll camp and party and listen to the best local music around

and wrap up the summer real nice.

It's been a hell of a ride.

Hope yours has, too.


yr girl Shaner


Hip Hop Sunday: Aceyalone - Mic Check

- by admin

Spent the afternoon on the couch watching OTNB and nursing a headache from friends and BBQ and laughs the night before.

It’s supposed to be dry this week so I have to head home and water my garden which is bringing me so much joy.

Who knew growing and eating things could warm yr heart this way?

I didn’t.

Here’s hoping your hip hop Sunday is equally as lovely & chill.

xox yr girl Shaner


Hip Hop Sunday: Relic - Work of Heart

- by admin

Last Thursday night J, Colin and his lovely lady stayed up late on a school night to catch the Ghettosocks show at Le Garage

(put together by everyone's favourite, Abstract Artform)

which was amazing, of course.

I'd originally intended to post another Ghettosocks track, but was so impressed by Relic's performance

(also that he gave me a free cd, thanks!)

that I figured I'd give props to such a super-talented dude.

Definitely check out his stuff!

Now if you'll excuse me I have white wine to drink and a festival to prepare for.

Enjoy your hip hop Sunday, kids!

xox yr girl Shaner


Hip Hop Sunday: Cadence Weapon - 88

- by admin

It won't stop raining and I am going crazy.

Just saying.


yr girl Shaner


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