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Hip Hop Sunday: Cadence Weapon - Baby I'm Yours (ft Shad)

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Almost didn't make it to posting today (again) because of family in town and all the obligations that come with it

which isn't a bad thing, but it'll be nice to get back to normal

at least for the next few days until I leave town for Rainbow Trout

where I'll camp and party and listen to the best local music around

and wrap up the summer real nice.

It's been a hell of a ride.

Hope yours has, too.


yr girl Shaner


Hip Hop Sunday: Cadence Weapon - Real Estate

- by admin

Stayed up cackling like a crazy person till 4am

after eating nachos and watching Orange is the New Black

got only 5hrs sleep

because I had to wake up & roll around in bed

and cackle some more.

It was supposed to thunderstorm today but it doesn't look like it will.

So things are shaping up pretty swimmingly.

Enjoy your Hip Hop Sunday, kids.


yr girl Shaner


Hip Hop Sunday #60 Cadence Weapon - 88 (Grimes Prod.)

- by admin

slept on the couch last night not because we had a fight but because the bedroom was too cold

and tyrone was snoring and farting and I was all eff this noise and lay down with the laptop in the living room with some TNG on the tv

problem with late-night internet cruisin'

is you always wind up in the weirdest places


I don't even want to talk about the things I saw

and the things people make into gifs (why?!)

so instead I'll just say

happy hip hop sunday.

Hip Hop Sunday #26 Cadence Weapon - Baby I'm Yours ft Shad

- by admin

it's back after an extended holiday hiatus

with a live vid for y'all

so live, laugh, love & listen

and enjoy your Hip Hop Sunday


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