April 2012

I hope my future kids are this cool

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everything feels up in the air

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and I'm coming down from it



I need to work on being more zen

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like this dude who clearly does not give an f while enjoying his snack


Hip Hop Sunday #35 - Beastie Boys - Three MC's and One DJ

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one of my favourite tracks with one of my favourite videos

so simple, so good

happy Easter & Hip Hop Sunday!


I have some mad skills

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but they're not mash-up skills

I'll leave that this this champ.

song list:

1. Carousel
2. M+m's
3. Toast and Bananas
4. Wasting Time
5. Pathetic
6. Dammit
7. Apple Shampoo
8. Josie
9. What's my Age Again?
10. Going Away to College
11. All the Small Things
12. Adam's Song
13. The Rock Show
14. Reckless Abandon
15. Shut Up
16. Every Time I Look For You
17. Feeling This
18. I Miss You
19. GO
20. Here's Your Letter
21. Up All Night
22. Ghost On The Dance Floor
23. Wishing Well
24. Kaleidoscope


Happy Easter weekend

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I'm ringing in my long weekend hangover free sitting nekkid in front of my imac drinking a smoothie that has kale, plain yoghurt and a bunch of fruit in it. I already went for a run and showered and gave Ford his food.

I was certainly not at the big rave that went till 6am last night, which is where Tyrone was because he VJ'd there and now is sleeping though it's nearly noon. he told me he'll be "good to go" by 2pm which means in t-minus two hours if he isn't awake I am going to start walking around the apartment again which will make the cat wake up and start meowing because nobody is sitting on the couch petting him.

I love Ford but that cat is like a little kid sometimes.

when we get up in the mornings he'll start meowing right away for his food, and then for someone to come and pet him on the couch. if it's a weekend morning when we lie around in bed and read articles on my ipad together and play Nintendo DS games he'll walk around meowing for us to come sit with him in the living room, and when he realizes we're doing stuff without him in the bedroom he'll come harass us there. it's like when I was little and the best part about weekends was waking up Mom and Dad.

except now we're Mom and Dad and it's not that much fun, really.

it's weird being up by myself for several hours on a weekend. it's a luxury I haven't been able to really enjoy since I got into a serious relationship a few years back and we did sleepovers until we moved in together.

sleepovers suck if you don't have a car.

honestly hauling all my crap (clothes, hair stuff, etc) to Tyrone's place on foot was the worst and I'm sure he felt the same way about walking over to my place even though we've never lived more than a twenty-minute walk apart. sometimes it's too hot or too cold or sometimes you're too lazy or drunk. so living together has its perks, I guess.

we have to ride our bikes somewhere later so Tyrone can cash his cheque and buy me dinner. he doesn't know this yet but because it's good friday and nothing is open and we don't really have the stuff to make anything ourselves so I'm going to suggest that we just order something in so that after going for a bike ride and spending some quality time together we can just grab a pizza and play video games all night.

which would be lame if I lived alone but is totally acceptable because we're staying in together.

I guess it really does have its perks, after all.

I was going to write a post about Samantha Brick

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actually I had a few paragraphs written but then I deleted them because who honestly she's just another bitchy chick who thinks too highly of herself and I'll be damned if I'm going to waste more blog space talking about someone like that (longtime blog readers will remember the falling-out I had with a chick like this over a parking ticket on the old blog)

besides, it's just trollbait anyway.

so instead of talking about that I am going to post some videos like it's a wedding:

something old

something new:

something borrowed:

something blue:

and some sixpence none the richer:


John Waters gave me some good advice today

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luckily for me Tyrone owns books


Today is the last day of my second year or university

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to be honest it doesn't feel any more different than last year
except maybe I'm less excited
because I did this song and dance last year
and I still have one more year to go.

but I can't help feeling good about it anyway
even though mt profs said sad goodbye speeches
and some of them bought us pizza to say goodbye
and I still have three exams I have to write
two of which are on the same day

being a student as an adult continues to weird me out
because it sucked when I was a teen
and it still sucks now
but not as bad
but I have to wonder how much of that is tied in
to my rising tuition debt
and that I have to justify being there somehow
until I finally have that bloody diploma.

plus now I get to write about stuff like
social contract theory
children's beauty pageants
abandoned buildings in the West End
right-wing columnists who I hate
and Jack Layton
so I guess it's not all that bad

truth be told though
there were a lot of mornings when I got up
hauled my tired ass to my 8:30am classes
and thought

I'd really rather be blogging
in my underwear
on the couch
with my cat

I'll give you three guesses what I'm doing right now.

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