April 2012

my very first boyfriend was a sweetheart

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no pictures of us together exist because that was in the time before smart phones and Flickr and we were all young and hopeless and thought that our memories would be all the reminders we would need.

of course I didn't realize what a good guy he was, then. that's how it always goes. he cooked me dinners and would bike to my house during the summer vacation and take me for ice cream and let me borrow his PlayStation to play Final Fantasy VII because the only consoles I had for a long time were the SNES and the Nintendo 64.

one day he showed up at my house with a rose bush which he gave to my mom and she planted in the backyard in the far left corner, by the grape vines which grow grapes that none of us have ever tried.

needless to say, she loved him

and compared every boyfriend I had after to him, saying "I liked J better"

which I used to find offensive, but now I understand, because the only time she stopped saying it was when I started dating Tyrone, who treats me as good as if not better than he did.

except this time I like to think I actually deserve it.

see, my first boyfriend and I haven't spoken in years and I can understand why he would have wanted me to drop off the face of the earth, which looking back I wish I could have done. in the end, I wasn't very nice to him and I wish I could take those times back.

but I can't.

so I can only be happy when my FaceBook feed pops up with good news about him, that he's out there kicking ass and living his dreams with someone who loves him more than my juvenile self ever could.

so congrats, J. I'm glad you're doing okay out there.

Hip Hop Sunday #37 Kardinal Offishal - Kill Shot

- by admin

sometimes things get busy, life gets in the way

but I always try to make time to sit back

and enjoy some Hip Hop Sunday.



started a new job today

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and my coworkers, the sweethearts that they are, took me out for lunch at my favourite thai place

where over chow mein and stir fry and fried rice my coworker blurted out


and I was shocked that she said it but not scared

like I might have been, once upon a time

to find out that my coworker had googled me after they decided to hire me

and she told me that she thought it was funny because I wrote a post about Smoke's Poutine

even though I can't find the post she was talking about

and I told her

"don't worry, I don't blog about work"

-because it's not professional to talk about the details-

"but I'm totally blogging that you said that"

and I did.

In case you were wondering

- by admin

I suck at bowling
like, really
except where I got two strikes in a row
and then choked
but besides that
I'm generally no good
especially when we play five-pin
because we ate late dim sum
and all the tenpin places are busy
and the teeny ball is so easy to throw the wrong way
or right into the gutter
especially when you're drinking
terrible beers
and spending too much or your time laughing
or dancing around
to fleetwood mac
to really be any good,
but at least I'm not Tyrong


Hip Hop Sunday # 37 Sweatshop Union - Bill Murray

- by admin

this is amazing

courtesy of @Benquist who I recently learned has great taste in music

Happy Hip Hop Sunday


Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day

- by admin

so make like these good people in the video

and take a second to remember how
we can be to each other

how bad we were

how bad we continue to be

and hope that
one day
we'll learn to be better than that.

And now I am become Shaner, destroyer of exams

- by admin

it's summer vacation, beetches!


My friend Cenquist looks 12

- by admin

and on Saturday we went out to The King's Head to celebrate another year of him looking like a teenager

and drank beers that I assume he got ID'd to drink.

did I ever tell you how Cenquist and I met?

well, it was through the Internet

on twitter, actually

and I thought he was a bit of a know it all

until I met him IRL at #secrethandshake

and he was wearing a TMNT shirt and a TMNT hat

and I was all

"this guy is pretty legit"

and we've had many adventures since.

so happy un-birthday big guy

I promise that I'll throw you a party in half of The King's Head when you turn 50

even though you'll still look 12.

A Tupac hologram performed at Coachella this weekend

- by admin

which really depresses me

partially because instead of finding a good hip-hop artist to perform at Coachella

they spent who knows how much money producing an uncanny valley hologram version of a dead one

when I'm sure many artists would have given their (physical) right arm to be there

and also

because I had always hoped that we'd be using futuristic technology

on something a lot less lame.


Hip Hop Sunday # 36 Snoop Dogg ft. Pharrell Williams - Drop It Like It's

- by admin

bet you thought I was gonna forget about you guyse

guess again! I've just been studying my arse off all day for my two exams on Tuesday

and I just spelled "Snoop" as "spoon"

which I think means it's time to take a break

happy Hip Hop Sunday!

(and good luck getting the clicks in this song out of your head)


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