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Hip Hop #48 Nas - Daughters

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spent all day yesterday at @cenquist's place (and @benquist's, too) shooting vid for the Pint of Justice mini-film he's putting together

laughs were had

beer was drank

pizza was eaten

and I got to hit on @adriantrimble on film

which was pretty awesome.

except that was yesterday

and today's Hip Hop Sunday.

so enjoy it!

Hip Hop Sunday # 44 Lupe Fiasco - Lamborghini Angels

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apparently I forgot to publish this yesterday.

which I feel bad about, because I'd promised Colin I'd post it for him

and now I feel like a bad friend

which I would elaborate on, but pizza just arrived

and I'm hungry

happy belated Hip Hop Sunday

or, rather

happy Monday.

My friend Cenquist looks 12

- by admin

and on Saturday we went out to The King's Head to celebrate another year of him looking like a teenager

and drank beers that I assume he got ID'd to drink.

did I ever tell you how Cenquist and I met?

well, it was through the Internet

on twitter, actually

and I thought he was a bit of a know it all

until I met him IRL at #secrethandshake

and he was wearing a TMNT shirt and a TMNT hat

and I was all

"this guy is pretty legit"

and we've had many adventures since.

so happy un-birthday big guy

I promise that I'll throw you a party in half of The King's Head when you turn 50

even though you'll still look 12.

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