hi, I'm Ford

like, Ford Prefect.

not to be confused with
Harrison Ford
Ford Fiesta
Betty Ford
Henry Ford
Clinton Ford
Francis Ford Coppola
Gerald Ford
Jack Ford
Robert Ford
and definitely not
Evil Toronto Rob Ford

I'm so handsome and so affectionate that as I was being adopted two different people called to ask if I was still waiting to be adopted out, so Alyson and Tyrone knew they were pretty lucky because I was such a popular guy.

now that I'm home I like to sit in the red chair in the living room
so I can see what everyone is doing
and if I'm not there
or underfoot, meowing for your attention
I like to hide in quiet places to snooze
like Alyson's closet
or among her shoes
or under the bed.

this morning Tyrone found me inside the cabinet behind the shower in the bathroom
what was I doing in there?

right now the fire alarms are being tested in the building, and that's scary, so I'm snuggled next to Alyson since she's home sick today with a headache and stuffy sinuses. I'm purring at her until she gets better.

but I realize this isn't a pet-blog, and though I'll be making appearances on this blog from time to time, I promise that I won't make a habit of writing to you guys all the time.

besides, I'll be too busy demanding cuddles, playing with my toys and lying on laps to blog much.