Winnipeg Transit strikes again

which isn't unusual but every time I use the bus to go somewhere I don't normally go and it doesn't work out I'm still surprised a little bit.

Shouldn't I be a pro at this by now?


No matter how prepared and neurotic and careful I am I almost always wind up getting totally screwed over by the terrible bus service here.

I even checked stupid Navigo service for the bus stop I needed to wait at and took a photo on my iPhone to be sure.

Stop 61119. 10:38am. Westbound Innovation at Research.

(Who names these idiotic streets, anyway?)

Got on the bus and it goes in the opposite direction and I wind up at St. Vital mall, where yr girl figures "maybe the bus will turn around and go the way that I need it to?" but figure since I've played this game with transit before I'd better ask the driver to be sure.

When I do, he laughs at me and says "oh no, after this stop my bus turns into a 91 and goes off into Southdale for an hour".


I tell him where I need to go (Waverley West, for you Winnipeggers still following along) and he says

"oh, there aren't any buses that go there when it's not peak traffic hours"

I don't know why I didn't expect that.