I didn't know her very well

but I knew her well enough.

as well enough as you can know someone you see a couple of times a week for close to a year, I guess.
she always tried to give me something to eat. a banana. some chocolate cake she'd made. a cup of coffee. I swear she got a meal ready just because she knew I'd be stopping by.she reminded me of Greta Garbo in Inspiration

she always looked so damn good. blazers and slacks and heels and lots of gold jewlery. real diamonds and pearls.

some women never stop being classy, no matter how old they get.

she was one of them.

she held my hand when she saw me. looked me in the eye. leaned on me when she had to get up but asked me not to tell anyone.

she called me "sweetie" and always wanted to know when I'd come by so she could go to the hairdresser in the morning.

the last time I saw her she was waiting for a ride to the hospital. sitting in the lobby by herself. she called me over and took my hand. she told me she was scared

and I hugged her

I told her I'd see her soon, that she'd be okay and I'd see her for our next appointment.

turns out I lied.

because there won't be a next time.

goodbye, Carole