Winnipeg Wine Festival Friday Night

the Winnipeg Wine Festival is one of the highlights of my social calendar year because I get to dress up with my friends and go drink wine I couldn't otherwise afford and nibble at bread and wear heels for too many hours and share a lovely evening with people I love.

Tyrone brought out his special Professor Plum look for the occasion and I wore a navy dress covered in gold lace which didn't look nearly as much like a giant doily as I had originally anticipated so I knew we were off to a good start. it took me over an hour to curl my hair like that so I hope you guys who saw me appreciated the tremendous effort it took, particularly after I had to bike home in terrible wind and was in rough shape when I got home. I clean up for you.

the first vineyard we tried wasn't very good but they gave us stickers which we proceeded to try and pawn off on each other because in truth none of us hearted the wine that much, to be honest. instead we fell in love with Australian mead and rose port and splurged on a delicious antipasto tray halfway through (though next time we're going to be wily and cheap like the ladies we saw, and bring cubes of cheese in ziplock bags... maybe).

4sq told me early on that Rebecca Horan aka Fashion Flirt was also present and we spent most of the evening trying to find one another without totally abandoning our groups and eventually met up (near the port table, of course) IRL for the first time. When Winnipeg Bloggers Collide, woah! And btw yes she's just as lovely face to face as her photos make her seem. Yowza.

eventually we made it home where more wine, port and a couple'a pizzuh's were consumed before Tyrone got sleepy and I had to "kick everyone out" as Jason put it so we could go to bed in time to ride these bad boys to brunch:

which was had at The Falafel Place with lovely friends in a fansastic corner booth where we talked about internet startups, nail polish, The Weakerthans, durans, stinky fish, cross-dressing, pig's ears and lots of other stuff while I inhaled this plate of heavenly hangover food: