my camera comes home today

I barely use my Canon T1i ever since I got my iphone last year but I took some sweet shots of MEME 2012 and Folk Fest and I need to post some of that ish up here because otherwise it doesn't look like I've gotten up to anything, does it?

okay fine here are some iphone shots just for you guys. only 'cause I love you.

MEME 2012:

Folk Fest:

I've also been obsessed this vid lately. yeah I know it's like 11mins long but it's seriously worth it both for the video and the tracks. WhoMadeWho are amazing. I really like that the series of 3 videos they did (of which this one is a part) makes some really good points about modern-day culture and consumerism.

also, why can't I work at a place where all the men dress like that???