can you believe we're on the road right now?

I'm crammed into the backseat of this huge rental car with Tyrone and Morley and Komus and between us we have all our camping gear, clothes, and 8 working projectors and 1 broken one and we're driving out to Golden, BC to go to Motion Notion where Komus is playing and Onion Union are doing two VJ sets and I'm just going to party and look good.

I'm excited about this trip for several reasons

1. roadtrips are awesome
2. I've never been to BC
3. I've never been to MoNo
4. three of the best guys in the world are driving me there
(because yr girl still hasn't gotten her full license)

which means I get to chill in the backseat and watch Breaking Bad and Archer and other miscellaneous show on the macbook while the boys take care of driving and partake in what I'm sure will be hilarious banter because you know I've got some of the funniest friends around.

I'm so excited, guys.

I've only ever been on one road trip, which isn't really a road trip at all and more of 8hrs in a car driving to Connect. though it's still fun I don't know if it counts and I'm looking for my first for-real trek somewhere in an automobile. even if I still have all the comforts of home like Internet and tv shows and greasy snacks.

but I should do right now is ditch the laptop and eat this burger that we just picked up and watch some fine television until it's Tyrone's turn to drive and I get to sit in the front seat. you know, because I'm his girlfriend and that's how Road Rules work.

sometimes it pays to be me.