I can't believe I'm not in BC anymore

it feels like a lifetime since we left and an eternity while we were out there
getting our partay on in the mountains
eating donairs from Fatty Arbuckle's
drinking too much beer
listening to some awesome music
(and some not-so-awesome music once and a while)
scorching ourselves in the sun
riding topless on bullrides
fighting against each other with inflateable sticks
(pictured -I won)
being wowed by mountains
getting bitten by mosquitoes
(who'll give ya the worst red marks evar)
getting lost in the woods
and on the way to the bathroom
and on the way back
at night
while it was raining
babysitting good friends
making new ones
learning new phrases
pretending to be Austrailian
and lots more that I'm way too lazy to try to remember
because I know it'll just make me sad
until I can go back next year.

miss ya, Motion Notion!