a year ago today we lost one of the good guys

jack layton, the leader of the new democratic party, died of cancer and the country lost one of its best, loudest, and most compassionate voices

even if you didn't like the ndp you can't deny that jack was a great person, a caring politician, and a man who not only had a vision of a better canada, but made every effort in his daily life to live his vision. he rode his bike to work every day. he had solar panels on his house. he met with regular canadians every chance he got and genuinely listened to their opinions.

I met him at the ndp rally in winnipeg a few years ago when he was running for the prime minister's office in the federal election, the year the orange crush changed the political spectrum of the country. it showed how he moved so many people, and when I saw him speak he moved me. I'd never seen anyone speak so fiercely about the good canadians are capable of, who was so energized about working together and helping each other.

after he was done speaking he was walking around shaking hands and I found myself standing in front of him. he wasn't much taller than I am, which was surprising, and he took my hand in his and shook it and I said the first stupid thing I could think of. I said "good luck jack, I know you can do it" and he said

"with your help we can do anything. thank you"

and after I cried. like I'm crying now. because he was right.

what we need to take away from his death is that the fate of our country isn't in the hands of one man, but in our collaborative efforts to achieve greatness and make canada a better place.

I hope one day we can make him proud.

rip jack, I miss the shit out of you.