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Books on the go:

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(plus this tune by The Airborne Toxic Event, who my dear friend Kat has been trying to turn me onto forever and who I secretly ADORE even though I keep telling her I don't ;) )

- The Jungle
- The English Patient
- The Marketing Agency Blueprint
- All Quiet on the Western Front
- Babbit

The weather is perfect and I'm looking forward to lying in a park this weekend and reading in the sunshine. Sounds perfect, eh?

Gimme yr book recommendations, I'll read anything!

first day back at school and I almost didn't blog omg

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to be honest I was a bit stressed that all my books wouldn't come in on time
especially the odyssey which omg I have to read six sections of by next monday and a bunch of chapters from the book about
orality and literacy
both of which I am quite good at
(not kidding)
I know everyone loves what they're taking in school or at least likes it to some extent
because why else would they take it
but I seriously love being a rhetoric student because language and communication is so, so
and fascinating and weird and I come out of my classes all jazzed up about it
which I guess makes me into one of those over-zealous students I used to make fun of
(and still kinda do)
I'm a keener
I've gotta start making better binder covers


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