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the big lebowski is the longest movie ever

- by admin

or at least it feels that way.

we are watching it right now because Tyrone has never seen it and I've started watching it about four times but have never been able to finish it due to the fact that all the scenes feel very independent of one another and usually I find that kind of film had to pay attention to.

this morning I woke up with a splitting migraine and didn't go in to work and lay around in the dark with a pillow over my head for a while. Jason was over and he and Tyrone were still asleep and Ford was yelling and I'm glad it's over now. you never appreciate life and not having a migraine until after you've finished having migraine and can sit on the couch and blog and watch movies like normal.

though truth be told I'm not really watching it anymore. maybe I'll just be one of those people who never fully sits down and watches the big lebowski to the fullest of their attention.

I don't know, it's a good film and the characters are ridiculous and over the top, but it's just... too slow? I'm not sure. it all just feels really fragmented and and I don't really care about any of the characters. except john goodman's character, he always steals the show.

honestly I've been just as entertained looking at gifs from the big lebowski as I have been actually watching the big lebowski. them's just the facts.


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