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this is dumb

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today has been so all over the place I don't even know.

I woke up in the best mood ever because we locked the kitten out of the bedroom so he wouldn't jump on our faces all night which meant I actually got a full-on deep, uninterrupted sleep which hasn't happened in a while. when I rolled over there was wonderful light filtering in through the curtains and I had the whole bed to myself and all the pillows and sheets with our high thread count and smiled. happy.

then I got up and went to the living room to work out to the awesome workout dvd we do and noticed that the kitten had peed on the floor which meant I had to pick him up and show him and make the 'psst!' noise that means he's being a dumb kitten and put him in the litter box. which you'd think would be easy, but no. he's realized he can climb up inside the old couch and also up inside the boards of the box spring in the bedroom so that's two rooms where he hid from me and I had to chase him back and forth and the rads were on so the apartment and I was this sweaty ragelor mess chasing a kitten back and forth.

it was ridiculous I felt like jennifer aniston or something.

anyway finally I get him, show him and go grab a glass of water because I'm parched and come back to finish setting up my yoga mat and I notice he's peed again. wtf, guy?!

so I clean that up and empty out the litter box and rinse it off with soap and etc so it's extra-extra clean and put him in there and he looks at me like


and runs away. eugh.

anyway my workout was amazing but nobody wants to hear about that so let's skip to the other boring part which is the 2+ hours I spent transcribing this interview for a project I'm going in one of my classes. it's the worst. the first 10mins are okay but eventually you kind of get to a point where your fingers can't keep up with what's being said on the recording and the words start slurring together and it just takes omg forever.

but enough about that.

so now it's 2:56pm and tyrone isn't home till at least 5pm which means I'm free to graze the internet or clean because I'm obsessed with having a clean apartment.

guess which one I'll wind up doing.

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