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Hip Hop Sunday #46 Slaughterhouse ft B.o.B - Welcome to Our House

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had a dream last night about an alternate universe where everything was black and white and these versions of ourselves walked around leading totally different lives than the ones we had.

my parents were cruising around the world on this giant yacht where my dad was throwing these raging parties.

one of our friends (I think it was komus) was living on a spaceship.

colin was living in the mountains in this old temple.

one of my brothers was living in africa saving the elephants.

I was living in this huge mansion with corinthian columns and this massive pool that I was floating around in on this huge inflatable mattress. tony and raymi lived next door. tyrone was making these huge murals all over the house and his mom lived in an equally huge house up the street.

but I was happy to wake up from it all and come back real life

cause you guys know I love Hip Hop Sunday.

go enjoy it


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