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Today is John's birthday

- by Alyson Shane

We've been together for almost four years but we've actually known each other a lot longer. 2010, I think, back when we were dating other people. We met at a baby shower for a mutual friend and he was wearing a sweater vest. I thought he looked sharp.

He's a very silly person and I've always liked being around people who can laugh at themselves and who can take a joke. Ribbing people as a form of endearment is one of my favourite past times and it's always nice to encounter another fellow pest in the wild. I always liked having him around.

One of the things you should know about John is that he will always keep you honest. He's very blunt and to-the-point which can really rub some people the wrong way. Heck, it rubs me the wrong way sometimes but I know he means well so I let it go.

There are worse things in life than your partner being as honest with you as they can, I figure.

That unflinching honesty has helped me grow a lot as a person which is something I think we should look for in a long-term partner. If you're going to be with someone for as long as you can you don't want them to stay the exact same, right?


It's also super inspiring to be around someone who works as hard as he does. Dude is super-motivated and lives and breathes whatever he's into.

Sometimes it can be exhausting but honestly I envy his ability to sink suuuper deep down into a problem and really lose himself in solving it. I need to get up and stretch and pee and take coffee breaks and pet the cats too often. I write in lots of short, intense bursts of a few hours max but John can put his head down and work all day and just give 'er.

He works super hard and really believes in what he's doing and it's honestly the coolest thing to be able to spend my time hanging out with someone who is so motivated.

He makes me want to do good stuff, and in turn I do good stuff, too.

He also pushes himself to try new things and not turn down an adventure. Because of him I've held a crab at the ocean floor, climbed to the top of a Mayan pyramid, taken busses across foreign countries in the night, and pushed myself mentally and emotionally farther than I wanted or expected to could go.

It's pretty crazy to think of the impact that someone can have on your life if you think about it.

Honestly though, I just feel thankful that he wants to spend his free time hanging out with me even though I'm moody and difficult and I always drink the last sip of club soda when we're sharing. It's nice to spend your days with your best friend, and to continue to be best friends after all these weird, wild years.

He also calls his mom a lot and tells her he loves her, which is another a sign he's a super-solid dude.

Happy birthday to John, my super solid dude <3

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Going to Rainbow Trout Music Festival tomorrow

- by admin


which will be my first year going and I'm excited as hell.

We spent the evening running around getting stuff ready

in-between eating sandwiches on croissantsphoto (1)

laughing in back alleys

walking all over this damn town

holding hands.

Right now there's laundry in and I'm drinking a beer and watching John learn a song

but shhh don't tell him I'm watching because it might make him weird

because this is adorable and I don't want to ruin it in the moment

so I'll just capture it in a blog post instead

of course.


I brought this on myself

- by admin

10446494_10154343417975323_572949270182185983_nwhen I insisted that he buy it.

The weird, striped belly top with blown-out armpits.

Which he tried on over his shirt while the dude running the yard sale laughed at us.

"You have to!" I said "it's perfect for festivals!"

Yesterday he wore it during Canada Day, for funsies

and the arms ripped off

and now it's just a Sick Vest.

Most people would be appalled and weirded out

but not me

I just enable the weirdness.

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Sunday Zoo Date

- by admin

Sometimes, on one of the few nice days that yr city has had in a while, you have to go out on a date to Assiniboine Park and hit up the zoo.

Mostly because it's a charming & cute thing to do, but mostly because prices are going up by almost $10 next week and I like to save a dime where I can.


I hadn't been to the zoo in a few years and didn't remember there being anything this neat, so we hung around and oggled the emus and kangaroos while secretly sipping white wine.


We also have a toucan house which has an ocelot in it and if you whisper sweet nothings to it through the glass while it's cleaning itself it'll get a boner which will make families freak out because kids can't know that animals have penises, or something

and you high-five the ocelot later because that was rad.


We also have a bunch of teeny monkeys and also birds with rad hairdos, pictured below:

131I also spent a good part of the afternoon kinda stalking this couple who was wandering around.

They were too cute and he kept putting her on his shoulders so she could see, or pointing out stuff that she was missing because she kept tryna hold his hand or kiss him instead and he was all

look at these animals, you lovestruck fool

(or at least I think that's what he was saying)

So it was a big surprise when the super-cute couple came up and asked to take our photo because they thought we were super cute.


Which basically means that we won at the zoo that day.


Our last stop was the Discovery Centre which did this promotion when it was being built where you could come and have yr hand/foot on a tile on the wall.

My mum says that my baby self was being really difficult that day so instead of my hands they put my feet on the tile

but I like to think that I was just trying to stand out.


After we finished oogling my cute baby footprint and also staring at spiders and toads we went for ice cream at Sargeant Sundae which is kind of a prerequisite to visiting Ass Park during the summertime.

I had a hot fudge sundae and John has an old man-style dipped cone.

Afterward we lay around on the grass and read to each other and generally grossed out everyone around us with our antics and dumb giggling

which is pretty par for the course.



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