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If it wasn't already apparent that I'm a massive n3rd then it should be by what I spent the vast majority of my evening doing:

Yup, getting my SNES emulator on and playing some good old-fashioned Super Mario RPG

This game was a staple of my childhood, guys. I remember being in elementary school when this came out (I want to say gr4 but I could be wrong) and let me tell you there were many fistfights and instances of verbal trickery involved in getting my brothers to hand over their 'turn' on the highly-coveted SNES.

Though if we're going to get onto the subject of the embarrassing awesome things I did as a kid to get my videogame time on it's worth mentioning that I, as a kid, would wake up on Saturday/Sunday mornings at 5-6am in order to get some solo in-the-dark VG tamz in.

Yes I realize how drastic that sounds, but I have two younger brothers who coveted bonding time with those cartridges as much as I did and honestly, there's nothing like experiencing this particular game alone, uninterrupted:

Ooh just hearing that opening tune makes my heart go pitter-pat.

Luckily now for me I'm an adult and on top of all the neat stuff I can do like party, drink and stay up all night, I can now add 'play videogames by myself and not share' to that list. I can come home from work or class, crack open a b33r and indulge in some one-on-one time with my video games.

Listen to me, how do I even have a boyfriend?

Oh, because he's just as excited about this coming out as I am:


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