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I've died, here is the loot that I dropped:

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Equipable Item
+ 8 strength
- 5 hunger
Jury Duty Paperwork (quest item)

Pink circle scarf of infinite steez
Equippable Item
+ 2 charisma
+ 1 pumpkin spice latte
- 1 real world cred

Jean Jacket
Equippable Item
+ 5 charisma
+ 4 defense

Equippable Item
+ 4.5 perception

iPhone 5S (quest item)
Must be charged for status to take effect
+ 8 morale
- 10 perception

Equippable Item
+ 3 speed
+ 3 agility

In other news, I've picked up my game of Final Fantasy IX again.



I have a problem caused by the internet

- by admin

Well okay maybe it isn't caused by the internet per-se but rather my obsession with it.

I want to sit down and game out super hard n nerdy like I used to and not on Xbox games but on my iMac. I bought a sweet Humble Bundle off Steam last night that had Dear Esther and Hotline Miami and a bunch of other rando stuff that I haven't tried yet and I haven't touched it, like, at all.

Not even once.

Because every time I sit down at my stupid computer and maximize the screen to play a game I get filled with this overwhelming horror like

what is something is happening on the internet without me?!

and I minimize the screen and OCD check my Twitter and Facebook feeds and even though there's usually something new it wasn't worth minimizing the window I was using and pulling myself out of what I was trying to do so I could see that someone 'liked' my stupid post.

Back when I was a kid I had this game called Realms of the Haunting which was a totally badass fucking game.

It was like 6 CD's long and really poor quality and I would hole up in my parents basement with a blanket (it was cold and I have poor circulation) playing the shit out of this game for hours on end.

I didn't care about the internet or what other people were doing on it because I was getting to kill demons with my magic sword, or whatever.

But now I'm an adult and I don't game as much as I used to.

Now I have a boyfriend and a job and a blog and friends and adventures and sex and and an internet empire to build. So that's cool.

But I miss those days of unhindered gaming so bad sometimes.

Life was simpler then.

I can see why people are kinda hating on Bioshock: Infinite

- by admin

which isn't to say that I don't absolutely effing love it for those exact same reasons.

some of the themes that people don't like in the game are:
- racism
- extreme religious behaviour
- zealots
- exploiting others
- ideological societies
- crazy-go-nuts American nationalism
- extreme violence

among other things which I think is total BS.

What it is, is that the game is exposing and discussing things
(particularly about American society)
that make people
(particularly Americans)
It's shitty when someone points at you and goes "these are the ways you're fucked up, this is what you could be/are becoming" which the game really does.

And that hurts, I get it.

But what I think is shitty is that we have games like Call of Duty which totally demonize other countries/cultures
(okay some are about Nazis but not all of them)
which are perfectly okay even though they're just as violent and graphic
and we let little kids play them.

But when a
(beautiful, stunning)
video game comes out that makes a statement
and ruffles feathers
(as a good piece of art/creativity should)
people get upset
because it doesn't demonize the people they want
it points to them and says

"you're fucked up, too"
now go fight this giant mechanical monster.

Fallout New Vegas describes the world

- by admin


I'm not funny like Harrison Ford

- by admin

I try to be, but honestly I can't tell a joke to save my life. most of my wit comes from off the cuff rebuttals and sarcastic remarks, which is okay but there's a fine art in telling a good joke I think.

I just get too wound up over stuff. like last night I was playing super mario galaxy and was trying to do this stupid race with a stupid boo and it just wasn't working. I kept rushing. jumping the gun. not delivering the punchline.

so I got tyrone to beat it for me so I could just save the level and go play zelda because effed if I was wasting my time getting annoyed with a stupid ghost wearing a helmet in space.

I have bigger fish to fry.


why did nobody tell me it was Zelda's birthday?

- by admin

yesterday, I mean, since now it's Wednesday February 22nd and yesterday was Tuesday February 21st and on that day The Legend of Zelda: The Hyrule Fantasy was released and sometime down the line my parents bought a little girl a SNES for Christmas and we rented The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past from the mom & pop video game store in my neighbourhood and became so hooked on it that my parents continued to renew the rental for nearly a year.

but good things can't last and just as my mom (who played it at night after went to bed) was reaching Ganon my little brother erased the game. tragedy. so my parents bought themselves a copy and I spent the better part of my childhood glued to the SNES, Zelda, and a few other SNES classics.

and so a n3rd was born

but back in the day it wasn't so cool to be a n3rd and I was one of the few kids I knew who was obsessed with video games until I hit highschool and met some other nerds which was okay because most of us were in french immersion and the french immersion kids at my high school were all deemed social outcasts to begin with, so I wasn't doing that terribly.

we would get together and play the free PS2 trial discs and some of us (not me) got really good at DDR and I had two separate boyfriends who lent me their PS2 and Xbox, respectively, for long periods of time which was super nice of them.

but Zelda has always been my fave. there's no annoying grinding like in Final Fantasy, it's not gaggingly cute like Eternal Sonata, and even though it's (almost) always the same guy saving the same world from the same villain it's always so different and do much fun and so damn unique I still can't believe the games don't suck yet.

which of course they won't, ever, because if there's one thing Nintendo doesn't do is dick around with their flagship franchises. Zelda will be good even when it hits its 50th birthday and then it's 75th and I'll be playing it from my hovercraft wheelchair in some future seniors home still unable to use the motion controls to get bloody Link to swim the fuck downwards.

my best job ever

- by admin

though I didn't realize it at the time
was in a video game store

retail really sucks
but working in a video game store is pretty sweet

I worked with cool people
and got to talk about something I loved all day
we had midnight launches
and people got all crazy around christmas
it was super fun

but of course I was young
and stupid
and totally didn't realize what a jackpot I'd hit

because I was the girl in the video game store


the nerds will get this post

- by admin

I'm not buying Skyrim because, sorry, I get super fed up with Oblivion and just put it down

I don't believe in the "strike once, back up, lunge forward & strike again" routine

give me V.A.T.S. or give me death

or just give me Skyward Sword.

we are going to this tonight and I am pumped.

- by admin

@cenquist and @dpontecelli are picking us up in a bit and I am mildly stressed about what I am going to wear because this day happens to be the only cold, rainy garbage day we've had basically all summer. it's a dressed-up event so I can't slum around in jeans (as if I do that anyway, c'mon) but all my skirts are flowy and gorgeous and with this wind combined with the river the whole boat will see my underwear every time I step onto the deck which I will have to do a lot since Ty and Jabez smoke. so that's out.

last night the group of us sat out on the deck and drank wine and smoked cigars and I felt like a grown-up for once.

because Cenquist is house-sitting he and Daniella had the masted bedroom and Tyrone and I slept in a little girls room and when I say 'little girls room' I mean like it was nearly 100% pink, had Disney princesses everywhere, big flower bedspread, the works. like the room every girl wanted but never got. oh and it had a double (maybe queen?) sized bed, which blew my mind because I had a lame twin bed when I was growing up and acquiring a double bed when I moved out and having room for two people was a bit deal for me. anyway. I felt very scandalous sleeping next to Tyrone in a bed where a little girl sleeps and I am realizing as I type this that it might genuinely be creepy? is it? we slept far apart, I swear!


I played MegaMan X today and holy Hell that game is annoying. amazing, but so annoying in a throw your controller across the room in frustration when you get all the way to the end of the level and the stupid penguin boss kills you and you have to start all over again at the beginning of the level are you serious? this is how you know the game is for children because only kids have that kind of time to invest.

we eventually moved onto two-player games and have been obsessively playing Tetris Battle for the last half an hour and I keep losing and getting stressed but can't stop playing? at least I'm better at this than Dr Mario.

eventually I'm going to have to stop playing games and get ready to go out. should I wash my hair or keep it up?

big questions, on the weekend.

dial-up sounds and Neopets

- by admin

are basically what I remember from when I first began really using The Internet.

my parents got us a family computer when I was in the 6th grade and in true parent style it was a hunk of junk and something that my friends who knew me then still make fun of me for. guys I dated in highschool either spent their time fighting with me, on the phone with me troubleshooting my computer, and sitting in my parent's basement trying to remove all the malware and trojans and misc viruses my brothers got from looking at pr0n irresponsibly (c'mon, I've never gotten one virus from that, once).

oh and deviantart too, I think. oh no, it was elfwood. wow, just checked out that site and it's basically pictures of faeries and Middle Earth and stuff, don't even click there it's embarrassing I even went there. but aren't most sites we visited when we were younger embarrassing?

case in point: I just showed Tyrone a picture of the Neopets site (I think) when I used to use it, in grade 8. it was freaking huge I tell you, we had to fight each other for computers to use at lunch so we could collect fake money and play stupid games like a Neopets version of Snake (which I was very, very good at).

can you believe I played something that looked like this? that the guys in my class played it, too??

what was wrong with us.

oh yeah, we were stupid kids.

in highschool things got marginally better. My friend Eric (remember him?) introduced me to ebaumsworld, boingboing and penny-arcade
(remember when they got sued by American Greetings for that Strawberry Shortcake parody?)
among other things. finally I was learning how to use that vast interconnected series of tubes -and I hadn't even discovered online pr0n yet!

and with that came the days of Xanga, LiveJournal and DeadJournal (who had one of those?) blogging! everyone had one! back before we knew how to insert photos or do anything but complain about that bitch you saw while your mom was picking you up from the mall with your friends after you blew all your money (15$) at Sirens (if you were a sloot) or Frenzee (if you went to raves like I did)

yes I went to raves, but that was back before they got disgusting and sketchy and places I now generally avoid, so, not really not really since highschool in case you were wondering, and no I never looked like this:

because kandi is stupid)

and now I've totally lost my train of thought about the years of Internet Antiquity for me because I got lost looking up pictures of people I knew partying way back in the day, how did I even get in to those parties? oh right I knew people. who doesn't 'know people' though? Everyone knows someone, that doesn't make us special.

but I was 16 and thought I was. though didn't we all.

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