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I'm not funny like Harrison Ford

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I try to be, but honestly I can't tell a joke to save my life. most of my wit comes from off the cuff rebuttals and sarcastic remarks, which is okay but there's a fine art in telling a good joke I think.

I just get too wound up over stuff. like last night I was playing super mario galaxy and was trying to do this stupid race with a stupid boo and it just wasn't working. I kept rushing. jumping the gun. not delivering the punchline.

so I got tyrone to beat it for me so I could just save the level and go play zelda because effed if I was wasting my time getting annoyed with a stupid ghost wearing a helmet in space.

I have bigger fish to fry.


why did nobody tell me it was Zelda's birthday?

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yesterday, I mean, since now it's Wednesday February 22nd and yesterday was Tuesday February 21st and on that day The Legend of Zelda: The Hyrule Fantasy was released and sometime down the line my parents bought a little girl a SNES for Christmas and we rented The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past from the mom & pop video game store in my neighbourhood and became so hooked on it that my parents continued to renew the rental for nearly a year.

but good things can't last and just as my mom (who played it at night after went to bed) was reaching Ganon my little brother erased the game. tragedy. so my parents bought themselves a copy and I spent the better part of my childhood glued to the SNES, Zelda, and a few other SNES classics.

and so a n3rd was born

but back in the day it wasn't so cool to be a n3rd and I was one of the few kids I knew who was obsessed with video games until I hit highschool and met some other nerds which was okay because most of us were in french immersion and the french immersion kids at my high school were all deemed social outcasts to begin with, so I wasn't doing that terribly.

we would get together and play the free PS2 trial discs and some of us (not me) got really good at DDR and I had two separate boyfriends who lent me their PS2 and Xbox, respectively, for long periods of time which was super nice of them.

but Zelda has always been my fave. there's no annoying grinding like in Final Fantasy, it's not gaggingly cute like Eternal Sonata, and even though it's (almost) always the same guy saving the same world from the same villain it's always so different and do much fun and so damn unique I still can't believe the games don't suck yet.

which of course they won't, ever, because if there's one thing Nintendo doesn't do is dick around with their flagship franchises. Zelda will be good even when it hits its 50th birthday and then it's 75th and I'll be playing it from my hovercraft wheelchair in some future seniors home still unable to use the motion controls to get bloody Link to swim the fuck downwards.

the nerds will get this post

- by admin

I'm not buying Skyrim because, sorry, I get super fed up with Oblivion and just put it down

I don't believe in the "strike once, back up, lunge forward & strike again" routine

give me V.A.T.S. or give me death

or just give me Skyward Sword.

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