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Everyone on /r/gaming is doing this

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so here's the story of my first "wow" moment in gaming.

Which isn't really true because it's my mum's
but it's the first one that I remember
so here it goes:

when I was a youth we had a SNES and because we didn't have a ton of money
we rented The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
from the video store down the street
(for like, a year, but whatever)

and my mum was super into it.

Like, really into it.

So one day after school we're hanging out
Mum's playing away while dinner cooks
doing some stuff in the Lost Woods
and she says

"Wow this is so realistic! I don't think anything could get more realistic!"

So I don't know how thrilled she was several years later when I showed her this:

Sorry Mum.

I have a problem caused by the internet

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Well okay maybe it isn't caused by the internet per-se but rather my obsession with it.

I want to sit down and game out super hard n nerdy like I used to and not on Xbox games but on my iMac. I bought a sweet Humble Bundle off Steam last night that had Dear Esther and Hotline Miami and a bunch of other rando stuff that I haven't tried yet and I haven't touched it, like, at all.

Not even once.

Because every time I sit down at my stupid computer and maximize the screen to play a game I get filled with this overwhelming horror like

what is something is happening on the internet without me?!

and I minimize the screen and OCD check my Twitter and Facebook feeds and even though there's usually something new it wasn't worth minimizing the window I was using and pulling myself out of what I was trying to do so I could see that someone 'liked' my stupid post.

Back when I was a kid I had this game called Realms of the Haunting which was a totally badass fucking game.

It was like 6 CD's long and really poor quality and I would hole up in my parents basement with a blanket (it was cold and I have poor circulation) playing the shit out of this game for hours on end.

I didn't care about the internet or what other people were doing on it because I was getting to kill demons with my magic sword, or whatever.

But now I'm an adult and I don't game as much as I used to.

Now I have a boyfriend and a job and a blog and friends and adventures and sex and and an internet empire to build. So that's cool.

But I miss those days of unhindered gaming so bad sometimes.

Life was simpler then.

Neil Armstrong died today

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which basically means we lost one of the coolest, most important people ever, which is very sad.

I'm working on a painting for the occasion that you can most certainly buy once it's done because 1. it'll look really good and 2. I could use some tuition money right about now because baby's gotta buy some new textbooks.

though I'll be sad to part with this one because space is really cool and it's important that we explore it and painting someone I've looked up to since I was a wee lass is kind of, I don't know, cathartic for me?

the first nerdy thing I was into besides video games as a kid was space thanks to my dad who taught me about constellations and planets and let me put a huge map of the constellations from one of his 70's national geographics up on my bedroom wall which I swear was cooler than it sounds.

as I got older and started putting up magazine cut-outs of boy bands and liked and leonardo dicaprio and all those other 90's teen heartthrobs with their center-part haircuts up on my wall and the star map -which I realize now was probably super outdated- stayed up, there in the middle of the evidence of my early raging tweeny hormones.

even when my bitchy tweeny friends made fun of me for having it up, it stayed up there for most of my early adolescence until I became "too cool" to put stuff up on my walls completely, and then the poster which was by now totally frayed and falling apart went into the garbage with all the other glossy pictures of people I'd never met.

I don't miss the pictures of boy bands with shitty hair and shittier music

but I miss that poster.

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