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I know some brilliant people

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One of them is Skot Deeming aka mrghosty, who I met years ago through Tyrone and currently stalk via the interwebs since he moved away to Toronto and now to Montreal to earn his doctorate and become drghosty.

Today though he was in town to give an artist talk at Videopool about curating games and game-based networks as you can see in the above photo.

Because in addition to being a grad-and-now-phd student studying digital games (among other things) he's also interested in having conversations about games as art, the physicality of games, the ephemeral nature of pop-up arcades, and a multitude of other intellectual subjects pertaining to gaming that most of us don't think about day to day.

As an avid gamer myself I'm always interested in what Skot has to say, and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to hear him speak.

My Toronto peeps should make a point to check out Vector Gave + Art Convergence Festival which runs Feb 19-23 and everyone should make a point to keep up with Skot's work is through his twitter @mrghostyx.

As always Skot, it was a pleasure seeing you and getting to witness all your smarts.

xox yr Shaner

Everyone on /r/gaming is doing this

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so here's the story of my first "wow" moment in gaming.

Which isn't really true because it's my mum's
but it's the first one that I remember
so here it goes:

when I was a youth we had a SNES and because we didn't have a ton of money
we rented The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
from the video store down the street
(for like, a year, but whatever)

and my mum was super into it.

Like, really into it.

So one day after school we're hanging out
Mum's playing away while dinner cooks
doing some stuff in the Lost Woods
and she says

"Wow this is so realistic! I don't think anything could get more realistic!"

So I don't know how thrilled she was several years later when I showed her this:

Sorry Mum.

RIP Mr. Yamauchi

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One of my fondest childhood memories

is of hanging with my dad in the living room

just him and me, father and daughter

in the middle of a cold winter afternoon

eating chicken strips and drinking hot chocolate

while he played Super Mario World.

Without you that memory

one of my favourite times with my dad as a little girl

wouldn't have been possible

and I wouldn't be the nerdy gamer I am today.

Thank you.


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