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This photo contains every human being in existence, except for the one

- by admin

It's totally crazy when you think about it.

Which you should, and often.

Looking at this photo makes me feel funny inside

like when a plane is taking off and everything inside you feels like floating.

It makes me feel so small and so huge and so

very, very lucky.

Which we all are.

So go hug yr mum.

Text yr friends and tell 'em you love 'em.

Forget whatever you were stressed out about, because it really doesn't matter.

We're all in this



pretended to be binary stars this morning

- by admin

over coffee this morning we checked out Google Chrome's 3D stellar neighbourhood which is the coolest thing ever.

as a part of our busy day it's always fun to bond over stuff on the internet and make silly remarks and learn a bit together before we part ways

usually it's some dumb image on reddit or a news article we're all fired up about.

today we were talking about binary stars and he took my hands in the living room and we spun around

smiling at each other

and after I went back to brushing my teeth and he combed his hair

we packed lunches and took out the garbage and said


but being a binary star this morning has had me smiling all day

and I need to say it, even though I try not to on the blog

I love you, Tyrone

thanks for being my primary star.

my older astronaut crush is good at reddit

- by admin

maybe it's because he's charming or maybe because he's in space or maybe because he's a canuck like me, I totally have a thing for chris hadfield.

not in the like 'let's do it' kinda way though

but in the like 'let's high five and drink beers because you could be my dad or cool uncle' kinda way

kinda how I loved jack layton

I love this dude

(maybe it's the moustaches?)

anyway the astronaut who makes my heart go pitter-pat wrote a cute little post on reddit today that made me smile:

Hi all. My son alerted me to the thread, and although I'm racing around (the world) today, I wanted to pop in to give my sincerest thanks and gratitude for all the support I've received from this eclectic online community.

The AMAs, general discussions and feedback have all been tremendous. I am genuinely humbled by the response we've had so far. To those who asked questions, provided answers where I couldn't, helped create visibility for the space program or even upvoted a photo - you are actively making a difference. Every little step forward, and every new eye opened is proactive movement towards a sustained and well-supported space program, and thus better understanding of the universe and our Earth's place in it.

Thank you reddit. Sincerely.

all the thank-you's are how you know he's canadian ;)

things to do today:

- by admin

- pay to print a paper due this aft
- drink too much coffee
- eat leftover pork tenderloin and gnocchi
- wish I had more gnocchi
- watch some chick pick her nose in public (happening now)
- cough obnoxiously in the library
- stay awake during all classes
- lead class discussion in an iconic photograph of my choice (above)
- submit two assignments
- eat a can of tuna for lunch on the go
- exercise
- drink more coffee
- notice that at least 40% of males on campus have the same haircut
- do pre-interview hang with nice older lady
- drink more coffee
- pop decongestants
- do a skype interview with a lady in geneva
- not fuck up above
- make/eat dinner
- start transcribing 3 interviews for my project
- catch up on book club book
- seriously feel omg kinda overwhelmed right now
- wish there were more hours in a day

as opposed to

things I would like to do:

- sleep

Neil Armstrong died today

- by admin

which basically means we lost one of the coolest, most important people ever, which is very sad.

I'm working on a painting for the occasion that you can most certainly buy once it's done because 1. it'll look really good and 2. I could use some tuition money right about now because baby's gotta buy some new textbooks.

though I'll be sad to part with this one because space is really cool and it's important that we explore it and painting someone I've looked up to since I was a wee lass is kind of, I don't know, cathartic for me?

the first nerdy thing I was into besides video games as a kid was space thanks to my dad who taught me about constellations and planets and let me put a huge map of the constellations from one of his 70's national geographics up on my bedroom wall which I swear was cooler than it sounds.

as I got older and started putting up magazine cut-outs of boy bands and liked and leonardo dicaprio and all those other 90's teen heartthrobs with their center-part haircuts up on my wall and the star map -which I realize now was probably super outdated- stayed up, there in the middle of the evidence of my early raging tweeny hormones.

even when my bitchy tweeny friends made fun of me for having it up, it stayed up there for most of my early adolescence until I became "too cool" to put stuff up on my walls completely, and then the poster which was by now totally frayed and falling apart went into the garbage with all the other glossy pictures of people I'd never met.

I don't miss the pictures of boy bands with shitty hair and shittier music

but I miss that poster.

know what makes me sad?

- by admin

no matter what I do with my life

the cool shit I might accomplish, the people I might meet, the things I might see

I'll never be as cool ad Carl Sagan

I will never impact people like he did

I can't change lives like that

he brought science and scientific understanding to millions of non-scientists

in a truly meaningful, thoughtful way

wrote some hugely influential books

created one of the best tv shows ever "Carl Sagan's Cosmos"

the thing, I think, that I love most about him

is how much he believed in the human race

how much potential he saw in our species

how far he thought we could go.

today is Carl Sagan Day

so take a second and think about the universe

your place it in

and try to prove someone who believed that we can do truly great things



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