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Life, Patios, New Projects, etc!

- by Alyson Shane

Woke up this morning feeling like a million bucks. It's been weird not writing about my day-to-day goings-on so here's a quick summary of what's been up in the non-content marketing parts of my life:

Last Thursday I hauled myself out to the Club Regent Casino in Transcona (when does anyone go there? I'm never in that end of the city!) with ChrisD, Britt, Nesta and a bunch of other local media-types at the Winnipeg Wine Festival Taste Chile Media Dinner.

The food was absolutely incredible and the wines were delicious. This year's Wine Festival features Chilean wines, which are my favourites, so I was all too happy to attend and support Special Olympics Manitoba!

This past weekend was absolutely amazing weather-wise and I dragged John outside basically from dawn till dusk. Sunday we relaxed on the patio at Beachcomber's at The Forks and took our first summertime selfie!

(Expect to see tons of those in my Instagram and Twitter feeds this summer, guys. Sorry/notsorry.)

One of my favourite things about living in Winnipeg is how many people you see outside the moment spring shows up. The weather is so cold in the winter and while hibernating for half the year makes for great creative time, it's so nice to be able to get outside and actually enjoy the city.

Speaking of John, his company The Campfire Union is developing a virtual reality version of the tabletop game Lost Cities for the Gear VR! We've played the game a few times at Across the Board and it's super fun, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how they make it shine in virtual reality!

Lately it seems like everyone in my life is up to so many cool things, it's so inspiring!

Since my last personal-type post I've been making a concerted effort to try and be more positive day-to-day, and to not let the things that bother me overwhelm me too much. I've been a bit of a handful recently emotionally and it feels good to be getting a sense of balance back in my life again (the nicer weather probably helps - it's easier to feel good when it's nice outside).

I've also been relying really heavily on my Pacifica app recently. I realized that in the month or so when my emotions were overwhelming me I wasn't using the app as often as I had been previously, and I realized that the mindfulness that 'checking in' to the app a few times a day gave me really helped me reflect and seek balance day-to-day.

Managing my anxiety is hard, but it's a learning process, and I'll only get better with time and practice.

In other news...

Happy Wednesday!


BBC's next hit programme

- by admin

TrimbleFeaturing Adrian, of course.


my older astronaut crush is good at reddit

- by admin

maybe it's because he's charming or maybe because he's in space or maybe because he's a canuck like me, I totally have a thing for chris hadfield.

not in the like 'let's do it' kinda way though

but in the like 'let's high five and drink beers because you could be my dad or cool uncle' kinda way

kinda how I loved jack layton

I love this dude

(maybe it's the moustaches?)

anyway the astronaut who makes my heart go pitter-pat wrote a cute little post on reddit today that made me smile:

Hi all. My son alerted me to the thread, and although I'm racing around (the world) today, I wanted to pop in to give my sincerest thanks and gratitude for all the support I've received from this eclectic online community.

The AMAs, general discussions and feedback have all been tremendous. I am genuinely humbled by the response we've had so far. To those who asked questions, provided answers where I couldn't, helped create visibility for the space program or even upvoted a photo - you are actively making a difference. Every little step forward, and every new eye opened is proactive movement towards a sustained and well-supported space program, and thus better understanding of the universe and our Earth's place in it.

Thank you reddit. Sincerely.

all the thank-you's are how you know he's canadian ;)

we are watching The Cosmos

- by admin

which is our annual pre-Christmas tradition and Carl Sagan is talking about Dutch scientists using microscopes and looking at sperm and Tyrone just got all stoked about it and started pretending to be a Dutch scientist and this is what he said:

pfft of course that's what they looked at!
that's the first thing I'd do
just be like dude, dude, dude, check this out

and did a jerking off motion into the air.

men never change.


I Don't Have a Problem With Jesus, It's His Friends I Don't Like

- by admin

a collection of poems* by Alyson S.

An open letter to Gov. Perry
Dear governor Rick
please stop calling to Jesus
it's scaring people

Plural Marriage
What's wrong with polygamy?
I can't seem to find the cause
people say that it's immoral
and pass all sorts of laws

the restrict the rights of second wives
and third, and fourth, and fifth
try to brush it underneath the rug
like plural marriage is a myth

seems like things would be better
if we legalized their rights
they wouldn't have to live on compounds
which are pretty scary sights

Mormons, they seem pretty strange
other people can't abide
they say "my religion says that yours is wrong"
and don't want to coincide

but having one wife is hard enough
the last time that I checked
so maybe we should mind our own
and give the husband more respect.

Converting - a Limerick
There once was a young man from Sens
who tried to convert all his friends
he tried and he tried
and insulted their pride
and they left him alone in the end

Look out the window
men with bibles at the door
No, not answering

*I'm fully aware that my poetry skills are sub-par

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