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my older astronaut crush is good at reddit

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maybe it's because he's charming or maybe because he's in space or maybe because he's a canuck like me, I totally have a thing for chris hadfield.

not in the like 'let's do it' kinda way though

but in the like 'let's high five and drink beers because you could be my dad or cool uncle' kinda way

kinda how I loved jack layton

I love this dude

(maybe it's the moustaches?)

anyway the astronaut who makes my heart go pitter-pat wrote a cute little post on reddit today that made me smile:

Hi all. My son alerted me to the thread, and although I'm racing around (the world) today, I wanted to pop in to give my sincerest thanks and gratitude for all the support I've received from this eclectic online community.

The AMAs, general discussions and feedback have all been tremendous. I am genuinely humbled by the response we've had so far. To those who asked questions, provided answers where I couldn't, helped create visibility for the space program or even upvoted a photo - you are actively making a difference. Every little step forward, and every new eye opened is proactive movement towards a sustained and well-supported space program, and thus better understanding of the universe and our Earth's place in it.

Thank you reddit. Sincerely.

all the thank-you's are how you know he's canadian ;)

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