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#nomoresad is the cutest thing you'll see today

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Basically you email Michael Jukeson yr favourite song and he'll film a 30 second vid of him dancing to it, just for you.

It is charming, and adorable and the world needs more things like it.

(I already fired off my request, btw)

Here are a few of my faves from the youtube page:

Cred to @joeyng whose tweet alerted me to this adorableness.

pretended to be binary stars this morning

- by admin

over coffee this morning we checked out Google Chrome's 3D stellar neighbourhood which is the coolest thing ever.

as a part of our busy day it's always fun to bond over stuff on the internet and make silly remarks and learn a bit together before we part ways

usually it's some dumb image on reddit or a news article we're all fired up about.

today we were talking about binary stars and he took my hands in the living room and we spun around

smiling at each other

and after I went back to brushing my teeth and he combed his hair

we packed lunches and took out the garbage and said


but being a binary star this morning has had me smiling all day

and I need to say it, even though I try not to on the blog

I love you, Tyrone

thanks for being my primary star.

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