I have a problem caused by the internet

Well okay maybe it isn't caused by the internet per-se but rather my obsession with it.

I want to sit down and game out super hard n nerdy like I used to and not on Xbox games but on my iMac. I bought a sweet Humble Bundle off Steam last night that had Dear Esther and Hotline Miami and a bunch of other rando stuff that I haven't tried yet and I haven't touched it, like, at all.

Not even once.

Because every time I sit down at my stupid computer and maximize the screen to play a game I get filled with this overwhelming horror like

what is something is happening on the internet without me?!

and I minimize the screen and OCD check my Twitter and Facebook feeds and even though there's usually something new it wasn't worth minimizing the window I was using and pulling myself out of what I was trying to do so I could see that someone 'liked' my stupid post.

Back when I was a kid I had this game called Realms of the Haunting which was a totally badass fucking game.

It was like 6 CD's long and really poor quality and I would hole up in my parents basement with a blanket (it was cold and I have poor circulation) playing the shit out of this game for hours on end.

I didn't care about the internet or what other people were doing on it because I was getting to kill demons with my magic sword, or whatever.

But now I'm an adult and I don't game as much as I used to.

Now I have a boyfriend and a job and a blog and friends and adventures and sex and and an internet empire to build. So that's cool.

But I miss those days of unhindered gaming so bad sometimes.

Life was simpler then.